EP 22: 5 Ways Women Can Earn More Money

The wage gap in the United States is no secret. According to the National Committee on Pay Equity, “The next Equal Pay Day is Tuesday, April 10, 2018.” This date symbolizes how far into the [...]

EP 21: Greatest Lesson Learned About Negative People

No matter who you are or how nice you try to be, you’ll encounter negative people. On this special birthday episode, I’m sharing the number one lesson learned over the last 365 days [...]

EP 20: How to Talk to Your Honey About Money

We all want it. We all need it. But for one reason or another, most of us find it difficult to talk about money – especially when the conversation involves our significant other. No matter how [...]

EP 19: How to Make Every Goal Stick

How do we stick to our goals? What does it take to dream something great for ourselves today and actually achieve it by December 31st? I want you to reach your goals this year, which is why in [...]

EP 18: How I Found My Passion

How do you find your purpose when you believe you have no talent? Knowing what you were meant to do in life is a very personal journey and it can take some time. Today, I truly believe in my [...]

EP 17: Peek Inside. . .My Home Office Tour

Is your office set up to support you? I believe there is a strong connection between your productivity and results and the space in which you actually work. In today’s video, I’m [...]

EP 16: How to Train Your Brain to Expect More

Do you want to know how to be more positive and confident? It’s human to struggle with negative thoughts. But it’s crucial that we train our brain to counter and be more optimistic. [...]

EP 15: How to Budget for the Holidays

Do the holidays tend to stress you out? You’re not alone! Far too many of us become overwhelmed by trivial things; from the decorations most people won’t even pay attention to, to what we [...]


EP 14: 4 Tools for Managing a Virtual Team

Do you work within a virtual team? I’ve been managing a completely virtual team for 3 years now and I’ve definitely learned some things the hard way. One of my biggest challenges initially was [...]


EP 13: How To Create Your Sacred Space

Do you have a sacred space? Life is so full of noise and distractions. If you don’t become intentional about being still and creating the time and environment for yourself to relax, release and [...]