Authentic. Hilarious.
Captivating. Practical. Inspiring.
Life-Changing. Transparent.

These are just some of the adjectives used to describe my speaking style.

Whether your event requires a keynote presentation, panel participation, interview or workshop, I believe wholeheartedly that I am the relatable, trustworthy and compassionate voice your audience yearns for.

My timely presentations on life, business or money are full of content, audience participation and practical steps that lead to transformation for every attendee.


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I am incredibly passionate about personal finance, small business, faith/spirituality and women’s empowerment topics. My approach and style may be different than most finance experts, but my effectiveness is second to none.  I approach every speaking opportunity with humor, compassion and enthusiasm and I’m happy to custom-tailor a high-energy presentation to fit your needs.

Redefining Wealth: A Blueprint for Creating Success on Your Own Terms
We all know intuitively that wealth is more than mere budgets and bank accounts. This soul-searching session will help your attendees identify the 6 core areas that they must build their foundation upon if they have a genuine and burning desire to truly be wealthy and master money once and for all.

Reclaim Your Coins: How to Earn More Without Working Harder

The gender wage gap is real, but so is a woman’s ability to stand up and take charge of her earnings when she’s armed with the right tools. Whether she’s climbing the corporate ladder or building a business from scratch, this empowering session makes sure the women in your audience leave with a 5-point plan for showing up powerfully and reclaiming their financial future. . . unapologetically.

“S” is for Surrender: How to Find Peace + Prosperity in the Simplicity
How do you “let go” when you’re the person everyone else turns to for support and guidance? Everyday goal-getting, high-achieving women suffer in silence as they seek to juggle the many hats, tasks and to-do lists of womanhood. But when is enough, enough? Patrice shares her humbling story of struggling with “Superwoman Syndrome” and how taking a step back from business to realign with her purpose and passion provided peace, transformed her personal life and inspired a movement.

Pivot: How to Reinvent Yourself + Create a New Life Vision

Purpose is seasonal and each one of us is entitled to embrace what’s next in our life. The problem is, so few of us actually know how to pivot strategically – especially when the world around us doesn’t immediately embrace who we believe we’re becoming. In this upbeat session, participants will learn how to define their purpose, ditch any thought of comparison and draft a new life vision for themselves, as well as, learn Patrice’s three cardinal rules for reinvention.



If you’re interested in working with me and would like to get my media kit, inquire about my rates or book me for your upcoming event, send an email to booking@seekwisdomfindwealth.com.

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