Here’s my professional truth …

I’m a number one best-selling author, captivating speaker and hope-restoring coach to women like you who want to do good work in the world, but believe they deserve to earn damn good money doing it. And if you didn’t feel that way before half a second ago, then I assure you, you’re in the right place!

This philosophy is what has really set me apart from other “financial experts” over the last decade. I recognize that I drive some of the personal finance gurus crazy and I’m 100% okay with that.

I will never apologize for teaching women that living a disciplined, yet fulfilled life and expecting opportunities to overtake you at every turn is way freakin’ better than forcing yourself to live a Starbucks-free life of deprivation so you can “save for a rainy day.” Despite the naysayers, there are tons of folks who have been attracted to my fresh take on this money stuff.


I’ve been the personal finance expert of both Steve Harvey’s radio and television shows since 2014, as well as, appeared in dozens of media outlets such as Dr. Oz and Fox & Friends. I’ve also been featured in hundreds of online and print publications including the New York Post, Cosmopolitan, Essence Magazine and soooo many more. That means my work has literally touched millions of people worldwide.

And that’s the part that makes me the most proud; the lives that are impacted. I know this work is so much deeper than me being “seen” and in my heart, I’ve always known that I’m simply here to be a servant. I believe the life and prosperity you desire are your birthright. I just want to be the sister friend that teaches you how to build it with peace and purpose as your foundation.

Now here’s my personal truth …

I just might be the only chocolate girl in America who doesn’t like chocolate.

Valentine’s Day was always rough growing up. If a young “suitor” gave me one of those heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, I’d pretend to eat them just to not hurt his feelings. In hindsight, I should’ve just asked for Red Vines upfront. It’s not like I was going to marry any of those guys anyway. LOL!


I can only workout to RnB or gospel music.

Some people find themselves motivated by hip-hop when they work out. I either become extremely aggressive or get too distracted with trying to understand the lyrics which almost never make sense to me. So while everyone is grunting, I’m the girl in the gym humming a love song or having a praise party. Depends on the day.  


I only know how to cook four dishes and one of them is cereal.

At one point, I really did try to become more kitchen literate. I signed up for one of those “meal prep at your doorstep” delivery services and thought I had finally hit the jackpot. . . Until I literally destroyed 3 meals in a row and my then 6 year old assured me “Daddy and I love you just the way you are. Please stop this.” True story.


I spent the first 23 years of my life believing I was ugly.

Affirming the children in your life is SO critical. Unfortunately, I didn’t always have loved ones around me who were as intentional as I strive to be with my baby girl. There’s a strong chance that with the right words I could’ve overlooked having one debacle of a picture day after another, but between what I was told and yearbook pictures, I’m blessed my husband intervened and helped me to see myself the way that God sees me.


As much as people believe I have a big personality, I prefer to spend most the day in silence.

I don’t know if I’m all talked out from getting in trouble my entire childhood for talking in class or if it’s the way I conserve energy to have a personal conversation with every single person who comes out to support me on the road, but during my workday, I turn mute. Literally, I can work for hours and never speak or turn on a television or listen to music. Silence centers me. And it has honestly become my little secret weapon for getting more done.

In my next life, I want to come back as an interior designer.

Scrap that. In my head I already think I’m an interior designer, but in that zone I become an artist who’s sensitive about her shhhh. You won’t catch me designing for others yet, but if you hang around here long enough you’ll definitely see a LOT of my own home. And if you’re nice, I’ll share some of my upcoming projects with you here and teach you my “process.” Because, duh. I’m already a designer you’d want to follow in my head. 🙂


I’ve seen the movies Ghost, The Titanic and The Notebook probably 50x each and I still cry like a baby every freakin’ time.

I always disagree when astrology buffs tell me that I’m super sensitive because I’m a Pisces. No, seriously I’ve had full blown debates about how NOT sensitive I am. And then I find myself on a random weeknight weeping during one of these oldies, as well as, side-eyeing my husband and saying stuff like “Whew! Now that’s love.”

My entire family insists on sleeping on the couch like we don’t own bedroom furniture.

I’ve gone on national television and shared my story about going from a 7-figure business to scraping up change and sleeping on my brother’s couch in 2009. I’m really humbled to now say that we’ve been completely restored. You’d think we’d run to our beds at night, huh? Not so.  


All I know is that my family never bothers me about how to decorate the house, but the one time everyone has an opinion is when it comes to the family room couch. The stress they put me through is absurd and the couch is probably the most expensive piece of furniture we own. Literally.

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a gift.

You’ve learned a little about my journey. Now I want to help you start yours.

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