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EP 19: How to Make Every Goal Stick

How do we stick to our goals?

What does it take to dream something great for ourselves today and actually achieve it by December 31st?

I want you to reach your goals this year, which is why in today’s video I share 3 strategies to keep you laser-focused towards whatever it is you’ve set for yourself in 2018.

1. Remove the need for opinions: let’s face it, reaching your goals is going to take a big investment. You’ll be more willing and able to expend that if those goals are what you truly want. Not based on other’s opinions but genuinely yours.

2. Visuals make a difference: big changes take small daily efforts that accumulate. So stay inspired and on track by constantly reminding yourself of your goals visually. Plaster your office wall with a vision board, print pictures and paste it in your journal or set one as your screen saver.

3. Keep the vision big, but the goals quarterly: reduce your goals to bite size pieces to work faster and smarter. If you break down a big goal into smaller goals to work on every 3 months, it becomes much more doable and you can better structure your days and weeks to reach it.

Let this year be a year full of personal victories!

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As always, I want to hear and learn from you!

Can you do one thing right now that will help you see your goals all the way through? And if so, what are you committed to?

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