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EP 16: How to Train Your Brain to Expect More

Do you want to know how to be more positive and confident?

It’s human to struggle with negative thoughts. But it’s crucial that we train our brain to counter and be more optimistic. Whether in work, personal development or anything we desire we first have to believe we deserve it in our mind.

This is going to take a special effort for reasons that we weren’t trained to think that way OR we’ve lost the ability to expect the best for ourselves. Either because people around us have spoken so negatively to us, about us or some major negative life experience.

Which is why in today’s video, I talk about 3 things that you can do to train your brain to expect more positive things. These are lessons I’ve learned from personal experience and have helped me tremendously in marching forward despite failure.

1. Commit to a daily mantra – I’m a firm believer that what we always say can lead to relevant experiences and attract people who believe the same. So why not tell yourself positive things?

2. Put yourself in your aspirational reality – live out your dreams, even the smallest element of it, as it can be the greatest source of motivation.

3. Do something nice for someone else – acts of kindness will remind you of good things and good people and this raises your hope for the future.

As always, I want to hear and learn from you!

How do you train your brain to become more positive and confident? What tips can you take away from today’s video? Comment below!

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