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EP 18: How I Found My Passion

How do you find your purpose when you believe you have no talent?

Knowing what you were meant to do in life is a very personal journey and it can take some time.

Today, I truly believe in my heart that I was put here on earth to help people understand that becoming wealthy has nothing to do with money but 100% about us and our mindset towards money. . . But this wasn’t always the case.

How did I come to this?

How did I find my purpose?  

In today’s video, I share the 3 tips that helped me find my purpose:

1. I got really clear on my gifts – the one thing that people have complained to me since I was a kid, is actually what I get paid to do now. And that is TALKING. I reflected on the theme of my life and understood that what came naturally to me is a gift that I can use to my advantage.

2. I assessed my skill set – I looked at everything from my previous jobs to volunteer internships including the activities I did high school. Because I didn’t limit, I found to my pleasant surprise that the one hotel front desk job I hardly talk about was key to becoming who I am today.

3. I figured out how I could marry the two in the marketplace – I looked for successful people who had similar gifts and skills as a motivation and guide in finding my own success with my purpose. I didn’t know 10 years ago that I would be here and people usually give up on their journey because they want to know the entire path.

Keep in mind that as you grow and continue your purpose might evolve. You’ll acquire new gifts, experiences, and might question yourself again. Just keep doing these exercises and it will definitely give you a good start in always coming back to your purpose.

As always, I want to hear and learn from you!

Are you struggling with finding your purpose? Or do you already have a good idea? If so, please share and inspire someone else!

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