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EP 24: How I Prioritize My Mental Health

With all of the demands and responsibilities life hands us, it’s important to make time to maintain your mental health. Whether that means, working on your FIT pillar, cleaning out your SPACE Pillar, praying through your FAITH pillar, or even taking time off from your WORK pillar, your mental health should be a priority in your day-to-day schedule or routine.

It’s important that we find time to rest, relax, reflect and reset.

For me, this involves game night with my family, exercising with my daughter, binging comedy specials on Netflix, or spending mornings in my prayer closet. I’ve learned to prioritize my mental health by carving out a sacred place to journal, meditate, pray or even sleep, if that’s what my mind or body needs.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that choosing you is the most productive thing you can do.

How are you prioritizing your mental health?

Comment below and share your best mental health practices!

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