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EP 21: Greatest Lesson Learned About Negative People

No matter who you are or how nice you try to be, you’ll encounter negative people.

On this special birthday episode, I’m sharing the number one lesson learned over the last 365 days and that’s that peace is a choice.

The truth is no good deed shall go unpunished and it really doesn’t matter how good you are to other people or what
greatness you’re trying to put out into the universe, there’s always going to be someone who because they’re unhappy with
themselves and their own lives, they want to make yours miserable too.

I’ve learned that sometimes people are just annoyed by your anointing and there’s nothing you can do about that.

You’re not responsible for what they do. You can only be responsible for how you respond and I’ve learned to respond with light instead of adding to their darkness.

Learn more by watching this video now!

As always, I want to hear and learn from you!

How you have learned to deal with negativity and negative people? What are some ways that you’ve learned to choose peace in your own life?

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