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The truth about wealth is when we don’t define it for ourselves, others will define it for us. In this community, we believe in the 12th century definition of wealth, which is the condition of well-being or happiness. Wealth is so much more than money and material possessions and within each level of working with me, I will equip you with the tools that you need to attain the wealth that you desire.


The Redefining Wealth Membership

Step-by-step action steps designed to help you shift your mindset, attitude, beliefs and behavior so you get better results faster as you pursue wealth in every area of your life.

Redefining Wealth LIVE

A powerful and spirit-led LIVE 3-day experience designed to help Purpose Chasers like you align personal development and spiritual growth so you can transform your finances and careers from the inside out.


The Pillar Mastery Micromind

Grounded in the 6 Pillars of Wealth™, this is an intimate 6-Week group container for co-created transformational conversations AND hot-seat coaching with me without the longer time and financial commitment of a traditional mastermind.


Mastery + Momentum Mastermind

A space designed for Purpose Chasers who have received plenty of accolades, professional accomplishments and public applause, but somewhere along the way know deeply that they have left parts of themselves behind on the road to success and are ready to get off autopilot and step into authenticity using the 6 Pillars of Wealth™.

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