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REWIND: Marshawn Evans Daniels on Believing Bigger

Have you ever wondered about your purpose, calling and gifts, specifically how to become more aware of them and utilize them in your life? If so, then this is an episode you’re going to love. We’re doing a rewind this week because this is such an important topic and one that lays the foundation for a lot of the conversations we have at Redefining Wealth. 

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Doubt Doesn’t Mean Don’t Do It

[spp-player URL=”″] [spp-tweet tweet=”[bctt tweet=”“Your doubt does not mean that you shouldn’t do it. Doubt does not mean don’t do

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Rachel Luna: Built to Survive

[spp-player URL=”″] [spp-tweet tweet=”[bctt tweet=”“When you overcome your pain, people will want to know how you did it.” – Rachel

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Sarita Maybin: Ask for What You Want

[spp-player URL=”″] [spp-tweet tweet=”[bctt tweet=”If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all doesn’t work anymore. Sometimes you

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