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Myesha Chaney on Divorce, Faith, and Reinventing Your Life

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Hey there Purpose Chasers, welcome to today’s episode with the amazing Myesha Chaney. Get ready for a real heart-to-heart as Myesha and I talk about our similar but different journeys through divorce. We’re talking about breaking free from the illusions that hold us back and stepping into our own power to reinvent our lives.

Myesha’s journey is nothing short of inspiring, and she’s here to share her story of resilience, faith, and self-discovery after going through some major life changes. We’re talking divorce, finding yourself again, and the beautiful journey of self-love. 

Myesha’s story is both unique and universal, offering invaluable insights into navigating divorce, rediscovering personal identity, and embracing the journey of self-love and empowerment. Through her candidness and openness, she shares a different perspective. This month, we’ve been talking about being set free. Now, we need to hear a story about what it looks like to be free; what it looks like on the other side of this work.

This conversation was so good, you can look forward to another episode in Part 2 with Myesha Chaney.

Show Notes:

[3:55] – I can dream a new dream.

[8:05] – Myesha shares that she was a pastor’s wife from the age of 18 to 40. She assumed that there would be a way she would be helped through a dark time.

[12:22] – “I get to start over in a life of my choosing. What a gift.”

[16:17] – Myesha is grateful that she cared enough about herself to find herself again.

[27:07] – She had to set boundaries and redefine the relationship.

[30:03] – Before we can redefine wealth, we have to have an awakening.

[34:10] – This journey has been the greatest journey of self-love.

[44:05] – I want love-love; not struggle-love.

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