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How to Remove the Burden of Shame with Latoya Mathews

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Welcome to this episode of Redefining Wealth, where we are focusing on the theme of “Be Free.” Today, I’m joined by Latoya Mathews, a woman of courage and resilience, as we explore the power of embracing one’s story and breaking free from the chains of shame. In this month’s theme of “Be Free,” we are on a journey of faith and fearlessness, recognizing that true wealth encompasses the freedom to live authentically and pursue our deepest desires. Latoya’s journey embodies the essence of liberation, inspiring us to confront our past traumas and rewrite the narratives that have held us captive.

Latoya is a grace-filled freedom coach with a reputation as a beacon of hope for leading women who have experienced shame and self-condemnation to wholeness and freedom. She spearheaded and launched a host of dynamic faith-based initiatives in her quest to see women empowered and set free from emotional, childhood, and broken relationship trauma. She hosts an annual three-day retreat entitled The Free Woman: The Sacred Space for Women to Gather and Heal. She’s here today to share a bit about her debut memoir Unveiled Freedom.

*DISCLAIMER: If you are sensitive to the topic of abortion, this may not be the episode for you because that is a part of Latoya’s story. Many of us have things in our lives that have kept us ashamed and tried to abort us from freedom. There are things that we were told to feel shame for and instantly felt shame for that have been following us our whole lives.

Show Notes:

[5:00] – I am liberated to live boldly.

[11:48] – You may not have had an abortion in your life, but you’ve had experiences that have tried to abort your destiny.

[14:08] – We try to cover ourselves up so we don’t see the shame.

[16:37] – How many of us have something that we have normalized that is connected to shame?

[19:13] – There is a cost to not knowing who you are. Shame is a hindrance to your purpose.

[21:07] – Start by finding a safe space to tell your story.

[23:45] – Everyone has the power to change, but not everybody has the desire to do so.

[26:13] – If you feel like your story is a part of your purpose, you need to go through the process of owning it.

[38:14] – It is too much to take on the judgment of others, especially when we already judge ourselves.

[42:43] – You have to be committed to the healing process to be vulnerable enough to share your story.

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