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Myesha Chaney on Dating and Calling in the One

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One of the ways we can chase purpose instead of money is to be free: free to reinvent ourselves, free to allow ourselves to evolve, free to allow ourselves to pivot into the highest and best selves. That’s the theme for this month and for this episode, we have the amazing Myesha Chaney back for a Part 2 conversation about dating after divorce.

If you haven’t listened to it yet, be sure to check out Part 1 of our conversation where she shares her divorce story. This woman’s grit, grace, beauty, and ability to articulate what a self-love journey really looks like has been such a blessing.

Myesha’s raw honesty left us all feeling empowered and enlightened, and I simply couldn’t resist bringing her back for more. In this episode, we’ll continue our exploration of what it truly means to chase purpose instead of money – to be free. From reinventing ourselves to reimagining love in this new season, Myesha shares invaluable insights and advice that will resonate with anyone navigating the post-divorce dating scene. So, if you’re yearning for hope, inspiration, and a renewed sense of possibility, this conversation between two girlfriends shows that finding love and fulfillment after divorce is possible.

Know that there is hope on the other side. Things really can come together.

Show Notes:

[3:23] – Dating will teach you a lot, not only about other people, but yourself.

[8:50] – People need to earn the right to progress further.

[12:02] – You are entitled to your desires.

[18:49] – You get to redefine what you want in a partner and what you want for your future.

[20:41] – You don’t get to tell people how to love you. You get to see how they love and decide if you want to participate.

[25:10] – Having the ability to decide is a gift.

[33:19] – What is the next right thing?

[34:49] – Fear is a sign that there is something special you need to do.

[38:02] – When we ask better questions, we get better solutions.

[40:08] – You can be free and have your dignity. You don’t have to hide.

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