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5 Ways to Identify and Shift My Limiting Beliefs

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We’re delving into the concept of limiting beliefs today and the cycles they can create in our lives. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in repeated failures, it’s likely that limiting beliefs are at play. In this episode, we’ll explore the signs that may indicate these beliefs are holding you back and discuss the ways to shift them. From recognizing negative self-talk to addressing the fear of failure, we’ll navigate the key indicators and provide insights on breaking free from these cycles. 

Identifying limiting beliefs is just the first step. Showing up and taking action to overcome them is what will change your life. Join me as we reflect on the process of upleveling beliefs, one step at a time.


Show Notes:

[4:10] – I am upleveling beliefs one day at a time.

[5:40] – When you’re overrun by limiting beliefs, you will be stuck in cycles of failure.

[6:54] – Negative self talk is a sign of limiting beliefs.

[10:42] – You will create negative scenarios to reconfirm what you say. 

[13:48] – A fear of failure will make it hard to even set goals.

[22:46] – Self doubt doesn’t mean don’t do it.

[28:23] – Once you recognize something, you have the power to recondition.

[34:10] – Regularly take time to reflect on your thoughts and behaviors.


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