Doubt Doesn’t Mean Don’t Do It

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Episode Summary:

Even powerful and successful women doubt themselves at times. Doubt has also become a common thread with women in my community. Sometimes, we think that people who are successful never have doubts or fears. The truth is everyone has doubts and fears, it’s just that the successful people choose to push through those doubts and move forward. In this episode, I will talk about doubt and give you three actionable ways to push through that doubt.

I also have a big announcement about the Purpose Chaser Community. You can sign up for free to connect with like minded people. Next month is financial literacy month where I’ll be doing a whole series about money management and tips.


  • People and women in general often think that people doing amazing things don’t have the same doubt and fears that they have.
  • Don’t let doubt creep in and distract you from making decisions and moving forward with your goals and progressing towards success.  
  • It’s up to us to decide that we are going to do whatever it takes to push through obstacles and our own fears.
  • Doubt is normal defeat is a choice. It’s normal to have doubt, but letting it stop you is a choice.
  • Let the benefit of the doubt apply to you. We give this benefit to others. It’s time to give it to ourselves.
  • Write out the worst case scenario and realize that’s not the worst thing that could happen.

Quotes from the show:

“Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and remove this need for perfection and decide if the worst-case is really the worst thing that could happen.” – Patrice Washington

“Sometimes we have the perception that women or people in general who are doing amazing things don’t have the same fears and doubts that we do.” – Patrice Washington

“We get stuck by allowing doubt to take root and completely distract us.” – Patrice Washington

“Your doubt does not mean that you shouldn’t do it. Doubt does not mean don’t do anything.” – Patrice Washington

“Decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to push through even pushing through your own fear.” – Patrice Washington

“Doubt is normal, but allowing it to stop you in your tracks is a choice.” – Patrice Washington

“God doesn’t require perfection from us and neither do most humans.” – Patrice Washington

“Don’t measure your reality against a filtered fantasy like social media.” – Patrice Washington

“Why do we give so many other people the benefit of the doubt, but cut it off when it comes to us.” – Patrice Washington

“People want to support you, but you have to allow the benefit of the doubt for yourself in order for them to do that.” – Patrice Washington

“Progress beats perfection on any day of the week.” – Patrice Washington

“Doubt doesn’t mean don’t do it. Who is served by not doing it?” – Patrice Washington

“The best thing you can do for doubt is to challenge it and go get a win.” – Patrice Washington


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