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4 Journaling Exercises that Instantly Shift My Energy

In this week’s episode Redefining Wealth, I’m sharing my four favorite journaling prompts to get you unstuck, tuned in and centered in self-love. 

I have journals for every season of my life, and I recommend that you do too. I have boxes of journals for every era of my life, like a map leading back through the years. In fact, I have journals dating back to sixth grade.

Journaling is a powerful tool. It’s helpful to help you process what has happened in your life, but it also helps you discover what you desire for your future. It’s the ultimate tool to help remind you who you are.

In this episode I’ll help you write thoughtfully about your faith, fears, expectations of others, standards for your life, and purpose. Journaling is a profound manifestation tool to help you connect with spirit and your own intuition. 

Step away from your daily grind and redefine what wealth means to you… 

Let’s get started!

Prompt #1: What If vs What Is

This is a prompt for overcoming life’s struggles. Use it whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, fearful, or doubtful.

In your journal, you’re going to address what could happen–the worst case scenario–and then what is happening. It allows you to address the profound difference between fear and hope.

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half, long-ways. On the left side, I want you to write out your worst fears. Write out the things that concern you or even keep you up at night. Ask yourself: What if things went wrong? 

Then on the right side, I want you to ask: What if things went right? What if everything worked out? 

Here’s an example. You could write–”What if I don’t get that job?” and in response, you could write:

  • I have a supportive community of family and friends. I can send them my resume and I know they would help circulate it around.
  • Maybe this job sounded great, but wasn’t meant for me at this time. Maybe something better is on its way to me right now.

See how this reframes the problem you’re facing? Even if the worst thing happens, it begins to seem like things wouldn’t be so bad. 

In this journaling exercise, you begin to understand what’s on the other side of fear for you. It will remove you from a place of stuckness and dread. 

Maybe you’re much more resilient than you give yourself credit for!

What Am I Making This Mean?

We love to make up stories. But often, they’re harmful. 

We are directors, producers, and screenwriters in our heads. No one writes stories for ourselves like…ourselves! In every interaction, we process someone else’s actions, and we are likely to process them wrong. We filter other people through what we know, and we’re not perfect beings. 

When someone says or does something, you might leap to all kinds of conclusions. In fact, a funny thing we all do is turn ourselves into the main character of whatever story we’re making up in our head. We tend to think it’s all about us, and it’s usually not. 

We don’t actually know what someone else is going through. 

Write out the story as you understand it–the story behind that interaction, that fight, etc. Then reframe it and see it for what it is…fiction. 

This exercise will help you stop spiraling and move forward.

Write your standards.

I am dating myself here, but do you remember writing phrases on the blackboard as a punishment? I sure do. The thing is, it comes in handy now. 

As a child, you may have had to write “I will be respectful” or “I will not speak when Mrs. Smith is speaking in class” 100+ times on a blackboard. If so, you probably still remember the phrase you had to write to this day. 

Now as an adult, you get to do the same thing for your standards. What would you remember forever, hammering it home by writing it a hundred times?

Would you write:

  • I will find the love of my life by going out and enjoying my favorite activities.
  • I will write a book about my life experiences, and it will become an international bestseller.
  • I will start my own company and make $75,000 my first year. 

Whatever your desire is, write it over and over again. 

This helps you get radically clear on what you want. What do you want so much that you’re willing to write it hundreds of times?

Is it love, money, fitness, faith, friendship? Now is your opportunity to find out.

W.I.N: What’s Important Now?

You might be busy, but you may not feel fulfilled. 

We live life on autopilot a lot of the time. I get it! Sometimes, though, our spirit needs to pivot. This journaling prompt is your opportunity to explore your desires and dreams. 

Write down what’s important now.

What is important to you–people, faith, work, money, fitness, and space. What feels important now and why? What support do you need for those things?

This helps you accelerate success more authentically. But most importantly, it brings you into the present moment. 

I hope this inspires you to journal and connect more deeply with your purpose!

Be sure to connect with me if you have any feedback. That’s all for today – 



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