Life After Financial Loss

One of the questions someone recently asked me was: What would you do today if you had to rebuild your life after a financial loss? And it got me thinking back to 2009 and my devastating bathroom [...]

Dominique Brown: Be Radically Intentional

Dominique Brown is an entrepreneur and credit expert. He is the author of How to Fix Your Credit and the owner of the YFS Academy and Your Finances Simplified. He helps individuals and small [...]


Why Our New Car Search Begins With Auto Navigator® by Capital One®

This post is sponsored by Capital One. All thoughts and opinions are my own. You ever think you’re going to tuck a piece of information away for some time in the distant future when you might [...]

Wealth Can’t Wait

David Osborn is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and the author of a book that was life changing for me. Wealth Can’t Wait is a must read for anyone who wants to upscale their life [...]

What You Need is Confidence

I love having a partnership with Capital One. They recently did a study that found that 49% of respondents reported being someone confident or not very confident at all in the car buying process. [...]

REWIND: Faith Can Not Be Your Financial Crutch

Episode Summary: As we kickoff financial literacy month, I’m doing a REWIND episode before we start the Confident Money Series, next week. I didn’t record this week, because my heart [...]


Car Buying Rules of the Financially Savvy

Car Buying Rules of the Financially Savvy This post is sponsored by Capital One. All thoughts and opinions are my own. How does the average person describe their car-buying experience? [...]

Garrain Jones: Your Life Has to Match

About our Guest Garrain Jones has overcome crazy obstacles. In spite of everything, he learned a new approach that helped him build an amazing life full of abundance. The knowledge that he has [...]

Greatness Requires You to Expect Resistance

Episode Summary: I realized as I was finishing up the Results Not Resolutions series, that I didn’t mention the best part to all of this. When you start shifting your focus to get to your [...]

Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood: Love Powered: Love Yourself First

About our Guest: Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood are two entrepreneurs who created a business together based on the power of affirmations. They discovered that tapping into their own gifts has been a [...]