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Kelly Cardenas: Living By the “98/2 Rule”

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How many people have you known in the world that were really smart, had so many degrees and certificates, but were broke and unsuccessful?

That’s because knowledge isn’t everything.

Sure, an education can be helpful, but without a strong purpose there’s no point. People who are just dumb enough to believe in the impossible, will always go further than those who over analyze.

If you take the time to trust in God, and really focus on the “why” in your life then the “how” will be shown to you.

You’ve heard me talk about the importance of surrendering before, but there’s more to it than just saying “I surrender”.

You need to put your hands up, give God permission to search your heart and then listen for how He directs your path.  

How do we know if you truly have surrendered?

We see it in our attitude and our ways of being in good times and bad.

To go more into the power of attitude and surrendering, I brought on a very special guest: Kelly Cardenas.

In fact, his message was so powerful I actually bumped up the release of this episode because I know you needed to hear it.

Kelly Cardenas is taking it upon himself and his team to give the hair industry a complete makeover.

From his work in his salons to his ever expanding educational work both in the US and overseas, he is infusing the industry with excitement and professionalism. His recent expeditions to Chicago, Nashville, San Diego, and Germany have the top industry professionals buzzing about the mark Kelly Cardenas is making on industry.

Kelly’s rock-star status has definitely culminated over the past few years since opening his flagship salon in Las Vegas. With his sights set on opening another 100+ salons in the next 10 years, his legions of fans including John Paul Dejoria, owner of Paul Mitchell, are incredibly excited.

Kelly sees the industry as his blank canvas and the industry professionals are excited for the masterpiece he’ll create.

Download this episode of Redefining Wealth to learn all about how your attitude is more important than your aptitude.
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The Cliff Notes:

  • Success is 98% attitude 2% aptitude.
  • Many people have knowledge, but not wisdom.
  • You need to know what to do with the knowledge you obtain.
  • If you ever wanted something and didn’t get it, that means you didn’t really want it.
  • You will buy what you need, but you will kill for what you want.
  • Become a want in every person’s life that you enter.
  • You need a big enough why that you stay committed to.
  • Your financial issues are a result of not knowing your true purpose.
  • Purpose is what sets your priorities.
  • Find your vibe manipulator to help you get through your day.
  • All you need is to bring value and have impact.
  • You can’t control the how, so don’t focus on that.
  • Take the back seat when Jesus takes the wheel of life.
  • If you’ve been incarcerated, you have the DNA to be successful at anything.
  • Money is important, but it’s not everything.

[bctt tweet=”“When you focus on the why, the what will inevitably be yours.” – @KellyCardenasLV” username=”seekwisdompcw”]


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