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How to Pivot with Ease When You Don’t Know Where to Start

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Are you in a season of dreaming a new dream? Have you been feeling the need to change, shift, or pivot in a new direction? Maybe you can sense this need, but you’re grappling with uncertainty and resistance.

When we are being called to pivot, we can struggle when we feel uncertain about what is going on. But we have to listen. We have to know the signs and indicators that we are ready for a pivot while they are pebbles and not yet boulders.

This episode is all about navigating the journey of embracing change, whether it’s in your career, relationships, or personal endeavors. From recognizing the subtle whispers of discontent to embracing the signs pointing towards a new path, this episode has a lot of honest and practical strategies to help you pivot with grace and dignity.

You are not alone. We have all experienced, in some way or another, a reset or a refresh in the last few years. But we haven’t all experienced it the same way, nor have we prepared ourselves for the evolution we’re called to make.

So listen on to learn the signs that you might be ready for a pivot, how to notice these signs before they blow up, and how to embrace change and overcome resistance.

Show Notes:

[2:13] – I pivot with ease, grace, and dignity.

[7:53] – Most of us don’t shift at the start of the whispers. We wait for the blow up.

[11:27] – One of the first signs is feeling disinterested and unfulfilled.

[16:35] – You don’t have to wait till it is a boulder. It is time to allow yourself to evolve.

[19:01] – Ease does not mean easy.

[22:36] – You cannot pivot with ease if you are misaligned.

[23:19] – Embrace the signs.

[26:41] – Expect resistance.

[29:08] – Examine your motivation and intention.

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