Mattie James: The Responsibility of Influence

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About our Guest

Mattie James began blogging about her favorite products and outfits in 2008. Five years later in 2010, blogging became her full-time job. In 2017, she began her Mattie James blog where she talks about beauty, life, motherhood, inspiration and more. She also creates courses and has worked with well known brands like TJ Maxx, State Farm, Olay, and many more. She is also the host of The Mattie James Show and the Mattie & Chris podcast.

Episode Summary:

March is Women’s History Month or what I call the powerful woman month. This month I am highlighting some dynamic women that I really admire. Mattie James is a brand influencer and entrepreneur who I admire and am thrilled to have on the show. We have been supporting each other over social media and it’s great to talk with her. One of the things we talk about is giving ourselves permission which was also the theme of The Bliss Project that I just attended over this past weekend.


  • Mattie is amazing at working with brands, but she also lives her life’s purpose with her work.  
  • She evolved from a fashion blogger to a mom who began sharing more aspects of her life. People cared more about her story, than just about what she was wearing.
  • For Mattie, everything is content as she authentically shares her life.
  • People want to make their lives better. If you have figured out a way to make your life better, people want to apply that to their lives.
  • To be successful, we have got to prioritize mindset. Our success mirrors our personal development.
  • Assuming that something good is out of reach is a reflection of our mindset.
  • Get to the reason why you want to be successful and ask who you want to help and who you want to make better.

Quotes from the show:

“When you first start blogging, you’re going to be really bad at it just keep pushing through.” – Mattie James

“It was important for me to show my entire life to say that you can do this too.” – Mattie James

“People care more about story than they do about niche.” – Mattie James

“I tried to be as organic and authentic as possible.” – Mattie James

“I have the mindset that every single thing is content.” – Mattie James

“People want to make their lives better. If you have figured out a way to make your life better, people want to apply that to their lives.” – Mattie James

“Anytime I can sow a seed of light or betterment in somebody’s life, because I shared a piece of mine, without compromising or diluting my quality of life, I’m happy to do it.” – Mattie James

“Any success that we have mirrors our personal development.” – Mattie James

“Ask questions from the right perspective in the right position.” – Mattie James

“We automatically assume that if something is good it’s out of reach for us, not because we lack resources but because we lack mindset.” – Mattie James

“Until you get the mindset right no matter what kind of seed you put in there, you will still come up short.” – Mattie James

“When you put out content that is really you, your following will inevitably grow.” – Mattie James

“If you are with somebody who is willing to do the work, you will be good.” – Mattie James

“I get the feeling that Mattie is truly living her life’s purpose.” – Patrice Washington

“If you don’t evolve as these platforms evolve, you are going to have a problem.” – Patrice Washington  

“When you don’t understand what your purpose is it’s truly a struggle to prioritize your personal finances.” – Patrice Washington

“I’d rather have a real connection with my followers than to have millions of followers where no one is moved.” – Patrice Washington

“It’s been so refreshing to see my husband do the work because he wants to be better.” – Patrice Washington

Mattie’s Redefining Wealth Rapid Wisdom Questions

Define Success:

Purpose realized and purpose actualized. Consistently working on making my purpose a reality. Anytime I fulfill my purpose, I am honoring anything and everything that is important to my life. My purpose is spreading the good news.

Me sharing with you how I restored my marriage is spreading the good news. Me sharing with you how I made six figures working with brands being myself is spreading the good news.

Anytime, I’m sharing the good news it’s my success, because that’s me realizing and actualizing my purpose.

Define Wealth in 3 Words or Less:

Fulfillment, overflow, and purposeful.

One Book that Has Redefined How You See Wealth:

You Are a Badass at Making Money

Fill-in the Blanks… “My name is ___ and the truth about wealth is ___”:

“My name is Mattie James and the truth about wealth is it has nothing to do with profit and everything to do with purpose.”  


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