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I love having a partnership with Capital One. They recently did a study that found that 49% of respondents reported being someone confident or not very confident at all in the car buying process. They also found that 94% of respondents didn’t believe that the process was completely transparent. Dave Kang is Managing VP of Consumer Auto Finance at Capital One and he’s here to give us tips and help us become more confident in the car buying process.


Thank you to Capital One for sponsoring this episode! This is a paid endorsement. All opinions are my own and were not directed by Capital One. To learn more about the Capital One Auto Navigator tool, visit CapitalOne.com/cars.

Episode Summary:

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, we’re launching a new series called Confident Money.  I want to focus on helping you “make money moves” with more confidence than you ever have. I know it can be intimidating to handle money from purchasing a home to investing in stocks and everything in between, but this month, my goal is to help you build the confidence necessary to make wise financial decisions in every area. In this episode, I share my ideas on building money confidence, so you can build the wealth you deserve. Then I have a conversation with Dave Kang about the car buying process.  


  • You need to feel confident about money in order to build wealth.
  • Clarity is what breeds confidence. Not being clear about the steps that lead up to the process breeds financial confusion.
  • Ask why you are making this financial decision now and how it can impact the entire picture.
  • When your decisions lack confidence, you’ve probably made a purchase from desperation. We want to make choices rooted in faith – NOT fear.
  • Confidence increases when you have trusted resources. Always ask for help and get support in the areas that aren’t your strongest.

Here’s the big takeaway this week:

In order to make the best financial decisions you can and be someone committed to making WISE money moves, you have to think about how to boost your confidence BEFORE you get into the transaction.

We have to stop making emotional decisions and make the ones that make sense for the bigger picture.

Quotes from the show:

“To make great strides and build wealth, it really requires building confidence.” – Patrice Washington

“Ask why you are making this financial decision now in order to get clarity.” – Patrice Washington

“Look at how your financial decision is going to impact everything else in your life.” – Patrice Washington

“What is it going to take to make it to the end result without settling?” – Patrice Washington

“We want to make choices rooted in faith not fear.” – Patrice Washington

“Knowledge is one thing, but wisdom is knowing how to apply the knowledge that you’ve obtained.” – Patrice Washington

“Clarity will breed confidence.” – Patrice Washington

“We want to be confident proactive productive citizens and proactive and confident consumers.” – Patrice Washington

“A vision of Auto Navigator is to bring more transparency to the car shopping and car buying experience.” – Dave Kang

Ask yourself . . . “What decisions are being for me versus what decisions am I making for myself.” – Dave Kang


Capital One Auto Navigator

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