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Have you ever found yourself wrestling with your purpose, feeling like you’re at odds with the path you’re meant to walk? This month, it’s all about how purpose evolves, but it’s clear that many of us are at war with what we are called to do in this season. You’re not alone. In this episode, we’re making peace with our purpose.

First, what are the signs or indications that you are at war with your purpose? Maybe you’re annoyed, irritable, you might feel like something is just “off,” or maybe you don’t have the same passion and drive you used to have. You might be at war with the idea of dreaming a new dream. When you are unfulfilled in what you do everyday, there’s a void. And the longer you go, the deeper and wider that void becomes.

If this speaks to you, now what? 

Listen on to learn the complexities of purpose and explore how it evolves over time. You’ll discover how to navigate the tension between who you’ve been and who you’re becoming, and make peace with the different aspects of your purpose that may be causing this inner conflict.

If we’re going to allow our purpose to evolve, we have to make peace with ourselves.

Show Notes:

[5:40] – There is conflict between who you’ve been and who you are becoming.

[8:22] – You have to make peace with the people that your purpose is attached to.

[15:58] – We are at war with the position we are being called into.

[17:14] – We dismiss and diminish God-given talents simply because we didn’t have to work on it and it came easily.

[20:04] – Sometimes a position pivot means step forward, but sometimes it means to step back and leave something behind.

[22:49] – Make peace with the paycheck or lack thereof.

[30:32] – Make peace with the process.

[31:38] – When you are being called to something new, it is normal to grieve, feel uncomfortable, and feel crazy.

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