REWIND: Faith Can Not Be Your Financial Crutch

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Episode Summary:

As we kickoff financial literacy month, I’m doing a REWIND episode before we start the Confident Money Series, next week. I didn’t record this week, because my heart is telling me that I can grieve and mourn even for someone I don’t know personally. My husband and I were just at the store where Nipsey Hussle was shot. As someone who grew up in that area, it’s just heartbreaking.

I will be sharing specific tips for the upcoming Confident Money Series. In this episode, I set the tone by going back to why faith cannot be your financial crutch. It will be a great foundation as we get into the Confident Money Series.


  • Many of us have been raised to believe that money is bad or being poor is more noble. This can create conflicting beliefs.
  • We can’t just be irresponsible with our financial lives, and then just pray for things to get better.
  • There is a personal responsibility that comes with personal finance. Some things you just need to do.
  • We can’t pray our way out of financial problems and predicaments. We should pray before we get into those predicaments.
  • You have to know your own numbers. We are all responsible for what goes in and what goes out.
  • You need to accept help when needed. Sometimes you need the help of someone else to get to what’s next for you.
  • Nurture what you do know. Words are powerful. You should wake up knowing that you are ready to manage your money and manage it well.

Quotes from the show:

“Whether people have great jobs or sources of income or not, they still tend to use faith as a financial crutch.” – Patrice Washington

“Your faith should not be your excuse for not being responsible.” – Patrice Washington

“There are some things that you need to plan and commit to not just pray about.” – Patrice Washington

“You can’t be irresponsible with your finances, and then just pray for an intervention.” – Patrice Washington

“We don’t have time to be irresponsible with our finances. Faith without works is dead.” – Patrice Washington

“There is a PERSONAL responsibility that comes with personal finance.” – Patrice Washington

“People often use their faith as a long-term answer instead of stepping up, taking responsibility, and doing the work.” – Patrice Washington

“Faith is not your crutch for not doing well with your finances.” – Patrice Washington

“You have to know your own numbers.” – Patrice Washington

“We are all responsible for what goes in and what goes out.” – Patrice Washington

“It’s our responsibility to give God something to bless.” – Patrice Washington

“Financial success on any level comes from you taking action and accepting help where needed.” – Patrice Washington

“You should wake up everyday with the feeling that you are ready, willing, and able to manage your money responsibly.” – Patrice Washington

“You are ready to manage your money and manage it well.” – Patrice Washington

“All of the things you supposedly don’t know about money are just a story that you have told yourself.” – Patrice Washington

“Start to change the way you speak, and you will be surprised how you start to understand things with grace and ease.” – Patrice Washington

“What you nurture grows.” – Patrice Washington

“What we have with money is a relationship.” – Patrice Washington


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