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August 2018

Billionaire P.A.: Your Mind is Wealthy

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“I don’t look for jobs, I create them.” – Billionaire P.A.” username=”seekwisdompcw”] I’m not a great employee,

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Be Their Walking Contradiction

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“Accept the facts, reject the fiction, and embrace being their walking contradiction.” – Patrice Washington” username=”seekwisdompcw”] I

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Lori Harder: You Need a Tribe

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“External validation will never lead you in the right direction.” – @LoriHarder” username=”seekwisdompcw”] There’s one thing you’ve

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Alexandra Catalano: Listen to Your Body

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“The food that works for you today won’t work tomorrow.” – @EatCute” username=”seekwisdompcw”] In our pursuit of

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Sharon Beason: Entrepreneurship Ain’t for Everyone

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“Your mindset is what controls your bottom line.”” username=”seekwisdompcw”] Being a successful entrepreneur is all about having

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