Billionaire P.A.: Your Mind is Wealthy

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“I don’t look for jobs, I create them.” - Billionaire P.A. Click To Tweet

I’m not a great employee, but I’m a phenomenal entrepreneur.

After college, I didn’t look for a job, and I didn’t go to graduate school. Instead, I started a business. People told me I needed to have a backup plan. I said, “My backup plan is to focus on my first plan!”

You can spend your time working on other people’s dreams, or you can work to realize your own.

My husband once gave me a shirt that read “I don’t look for jobs, I create them.” I connected with that shirt. This shirt was from the mind of Billionaire P.A.

On this episode of Redefining Wealth, I talk with Billionaire P.A. about manifesting dreams.

Billionaire has a truly remarkable story: he was homeless and living in his car when he transformed his hopeless mindset into what he calls a “wealthy mind.” Now, he has a TEDx Talk with over 400,000 views, a Wealthy Minds clothing line, and a book he boldly sells for $963.36. His goal is to inspire billions of people to speak their dreams into existence.

Are you setting yourself up for success in all areas? Are you on your way to manifesting the life you were created to have?

Download this episode today to learn how Billionaire P.A. went from the brink of despair to inspiring billions of people to live their dreams.

“If you have less money in the bank than you have followers on instagram, you need a new group of friends.” - Billionaire P.A. Click To Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • There are leaders who are working on other people’s dream instead of creating their own thing. “Don’t follow me- lead with me.”
  • Never spend your present time with someone you don’t have a future with.
  • Negativity breeds more negativity. You can waste a lot of energy proving people wrong. Instead, take that energy and prove people right who believe in you.
  • People will often push their beliefs on you. If their dreams are limited, they will react poorly to your dreams.
  • Spend your time around people who think like you.
  • A lot of people will talk themselves out of their dreams.
  • Set your life up to support you.
  • Tie yourself to greatness before failure chokes you.
  • Record yourself saying what you’re going to do and put it up on Instagram. It’s a good way to manifest your dreams and hold yourself accountable. Speak your dreams into existence.
  • Wealthy stands for “We All Wealthy.”
“Give people their flowers while they’re alive, not when they’re dead.” - Billionaire P.A. Click To Tweet


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  • Tiffany Tatum

    This one right here…..OMG. You have had some amazing guest in the past but Billionaire took it to a new level. He was dropping some real game.

  • Angela Hampton

    Da Bomb. Bout to go get my book RIGHT NOW!

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