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Glen Henry: 5 Steps to Releasing Your Genius

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About our Guest:

Glen Henry is a musician turned YouTube sensation. His Beleaf in Fatherhood channel has surpassed 100K subscribers. He also has a website and podcast of the same name. He is the speaker behind the impactful TED Talk, What I’ve Learned About Parenting as a Stay-at-home Dad, as well as, the author of It’s Bedtime Now. This father of three, soon to be four, wants to create a positive impact on both fathers and mothers. His popularity is growing, and he can be seen everywhere including on a new Pamper’s commercial with singer, John Legend.

Episode Summary:

I am so excited to have Glen on the show today. We talk about how Glen used his honest approach to fatherhood to transition from music to building an audience and becoming a YouTube sensation. He talks about the 5 steps to releasing genius. If you are feeling stuck or blame your lack of success on someone else, pay special attention to whether you could be missing a key step in releasing your genius and creativity.

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Cliff Notes:

  • Glen knew the Internet would be the right platform to reach his audience. He made a 15-year plan and achieved those goals in two years.
  • The first stage that you’re genius stands on is an idea. When we have an idea it’s already complete in our minds.
  • The second stage is releasing your idea to your ability. This is where your brain and your ability form a relationship of trust.
  • The third stage is where you have started an idea, and you have shared it with a small audience of one like a trusted friend to get feedback.
  • The fourth stage is your audience. This is when people actually get use out of what you have created.
  • The fifth stage is virality. This is when people who aren’t your target audience get attached to your work. This is where we receive the most criticism and pick up the biggest amount of growth.

Quotes from the show:

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“Your brain and your ability have to form a relationship together where your brain trusts your ability, and your ability trusts that it’s not too overwhelming.” – Glen Henry

“The loudest critics are rarely taking any risk of their own.” – Patrice Washington

“Sometimes we trust our friends more than we trust our ability. Depending on what happens in this relationship can make or break our genius.” – Glen Henry

“Virality is what our audience does with what we create.” – Glen Henry

“How many of us do not have the results we desire because we skip stages?” – Patrice Washington

[spp-tweet tweet=”[bctt tweet=”Sometimes we get so caught up in perfectionism that we prevent other people from the blessing. Sometimes you just have to release the genius. – Patrice Washington” username=”seekwisdompcw”]

“At some point you have to get out of the ability stage. What I’ve learned is to stop making things harder than they have to be.” – Patrice Washington


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Success is when you trust yourself and are able to provide that trust.

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