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Episode Summary:

In this episode Patrice gives out her bulletproof template for establishing boundaries and having difficult conversations on the personal, familial and professional level. This episode is all about self love and putting yourself first while being aware of also respecting the expectations and boundaries of others.



  • Secrets to establishing expectations and boundaries
  • The power of self awareness and understanding what boundaries have you neglected to accept
  • The importance of practicing how you want to play the game
  • Tips for navigating difficult conversations with siblings and the people closest to you
  • Scenarios to consider when creating boundaries


Patrice’s conversation template for difficult conversations:

I apologize for leading you to believe for the last few   (insert amount of time,: days weeks, months, years) that (xyz behavior) was acceptable to me, . tThe truth is when you do (xyz action) it makes me feel this  (xyz emotion) and feeling that way is just not acceptable to me anymore. Thank you so much for understanding.


Quotes from the show:

“Mind your own womb” – Patrice Washington

“I believe that you practice how you want to play the game” – Patrice Washington 

“People should treat you how you want to be treated not how they feel like treating you” – Patrice Washington

“I would rather have peace than put up with someone who will not respect my professional boundaries for a paycheck.” –– Patrice Washington 

“How long will you go without setting up your life to support you?’ – Patrice Washington 



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