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In this week’s episode Redefining Wealth, I’m sharing the 3 ways to know for sure that you’re meant for more. 

Here’s the thing: If you’re here, you have felt nudges. I know this for a fact. You get a stirring feeling that your life has great purpose and that there’s something-something!-that you should be doing. 

You are meant for more.

I know it because you’re here, and you continue to consume podcasts and read books and watch content about purpose and faith. So let’s talk about what it actually means to be meant for more…and the signs that it’s time for you to shake things up.

You feel an undeniable call.

You have this feeling that will not go away. I have many names for it that I use on the podcast and in my writing: A nudge, a God Wink, a tug, a calling. 

Do you feel it? This inescapable belief that this is not all you were put here to do? That you are in the wrong place, and there’s somewhere you’re supposed to be? 

It can even sound like a voice, telling you: You don’t want this! You don’t like it here. This season is over. You’re bored. Is this what life is about?

That’s the voice of your soul calling, purpose-chaser! 

Unfortunately, there are other voices too. A whole cacophony of them. It might be your father’s voice or your mother’s, your sister’s or your best friend’s voice. Those voices might say things like: You wanted this! It’s all you ever wanted. Why don’t you just calm down. What do you have to complain about? What more could you possibly want? Who do you think you are?

You should just be grateful. 

You should just.

These people mean well, and everything comes from a place of real, genuine human love. But God and your soul belong together first, and that voice needs to tune out the others. 

These other voices are keeping you small, and they want to keep you safe. We are afraid of what comes on the other side of a pivot or life transition, so we give in and think, we should just

Your soul is telling you to write that book, tell that story, start that podcast, leave (or enter) that relationship, leave that place, visit that country. 

It’s easy to feel guilty for wanting more. But you do want more. Just because you try to diminish it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Your soul is asking. 

So…Why don’t you try listening?

I don’t know what your soul is saying, but you do.

Frustration with the familiar

I call the state you’re in, “Frustration with the Familiar.”

It’s a nice way of saying that your soul is so bored. Here’s what I teach instead: 

Frustration is an invitation to take inventory of your life and do something different.

Taking inventory = Self-awareness

Doing something about it = Soul awareness

You need to do both in order to make progress, but it’s time. Have you been feeling frustrated with  the familiar? Does your job no longer fulfill you? Do you toss and turn at night, because you’re restless? 

Do you spend your time daydreaming, but not doing?

Do you buy self help books, and never read them?

Admit it: You’re frustrated, and it’s because you are meant for so much more.

The boulder effect

I will be the first to admit to you that I didn’t always understand my purpose in life. Clarity is hard won, sometimes. But life-and God-has the tendency to deliver us  some big wakeup calls. I like to refer to this phenomenon as “The Boulder Effect.”

The year was 2016. I was on the  Dr. Oz show.

I was sitting there as we were recording the show, watching him do a demonstration of household budgeting, moving broccoli from one side of a board to another to show savings. I was frustrated with the familiar, and I felt an undeniable calling. 

I was like…this is not what I believe about wealth.

This is nothing against  Dr. Oz whatsoever, or the show, or budgeting. It was a nudge to me to consider my own beliefs and values, a calling to redefine wealth. But it was just the first piece of the puzzle for me, in what I now know as the boulder effect. I felt like I needed to shift my message, but of course I was not proactive. Like most people, I was reactive, and it was going to take a boulder. This moment was a pebble. 

Then, the rock came. It was bigger. I was casually strolling to my mailbox with a cup of coffee in hand, only to find a serious-looking legal notice in my stack of mail. Upon opening it, I discovered that it was a cease and desist letter from a bigger company threatening me to stop using my branding. They believed they should own it instead, and my attorney told me that we did not have the money to keep fighting them forever. I should have shifted. The rock was telling me that this wasn’t the way.

Then, the boulder came. It was heavy, massive, and expensive.

I woke up  one day  to a slew of phone  calls and texts  and emails. People were saying – Patrice, your website is down!

I didn’t expect it to be a big deal. With technology, sometimes things happen. I figured I’d get it straightened out straightaway. 

Instead, I was on the phone with tech support for two entire days as they told me things like This is the worst hack we have ever seen.

Content had gotten deleted. Other content was suddenly translated into other languages, and nothing made sense. It was unrecognizable. It was a  shell of a website. 

In these moments, you can point to the evidence. Woe is me. And you’re not wrong – things are bad. But this redirection can point you in the direction of what you want, if you allow it to. Be honest with yourself. You saw the signs. In hindsight, there were nudges.

You’re meant for more.

This is a moment to ask, authentically: What does more look like for you?

I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you that you know on some level that your life is supposed to be extraordinary. It’s time to embrace delusional faith and take the leap, even if it’s illogical. 

I hope this episode inspired you to chase your purpose.

If you feel this way, please be sure to sign up for Redefining Wealth LIVE and join us here in Atlanta Georgia for a powerful  3-day experience with a community of people just like you. I really hope I get to see you here.

Tune in next week for another episode!

That’s all for today – 


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