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Tiesha Andrews: Alignment Requires Permission

In this week’s episode Redefining Wealth, I welcomed Tiesha Andrews to the show to discuss faith, God-given passion and how to use your light to lift up others. 

Tiesha is a Keynote Speaker and Transformation Coach. She is an inspiration to many and a former student at my Command the Stage 2-day speaker training. 

During that event and again in our Mastermind, I saw her break down her own barriers to success, and since then she has blossomed into a true purpose-chaser. She began coaching others and now empowers individuals to reignite their God-given passion and make a lasting impact in their lives and the lives of others.

Now, she is here to share some valuable insights with us. 

Enjoy this conversation with Tiesha and bask in her learned wisdom!

God aligns you with what you need.

When it comes to life’s trials and tribulations, Tiesha understands what it’s like to feel frustrated. But time and time again, she is reminded that God aligns you with what and who you need, when you need them. 

When I thanked Tiesha for coming on the show, I thanked her for being a “thinking partner.” What I meant by that is, I don’t always have people with whom I am completely comfortable sharing my ideas and visions, and Tiesha is that for me. She is a great person to just talk things through with, because she asks great questions and shares my values. But she also thanked  me for having her on the show – because we were meant to connect in this way. 

This is the magic of surrounding yourself with other conscious, soul-aware, spiritual women. 

We remind one another that we were sent here to help and support one another, because God always sends us the people we need. 

Stop stopping yourself.

Tiesha raised a vital question in this episode, and I believe we should all be asking ourselves : “What are you stopping yourself from doing?”

Tiesha began the 2023 year with a prayer to be more creative. It’s funny because I definitely consider her one of the most creative people I know. However, that may be because she stopped stopping herself, and it shows. 

See, she realized last year that she had always believed that she isn’t a creative person, leading her to quickly abandon creative pursuits. Of course without nourishment, that part of her went unseen and she was not expressing herself. But at some point, she began to ask herself why she was telling herself that she isn’t creative. What if…that was not the truth? She began to get an itch to create things, a nudge to be more creative with her energy. 

I think this is a really essential lesson to glean from this episode, and I hope you take it to heart. At some point, ask yourself what stories you are telling yourself about yourself. What evidence do you have for  these things? Why? What if  these are not factual? How will you know? What could you explore  more? The answers might surprise you.

Create boundaries in your presence.

When people talk about boundaries, they are usually referring to how they spend their time and with whom. But there is another sort of boundary: What is discussed in your presence. 

Tiesha discusses this at length in this episode. She shares that there is something that bothers her, that she avoids at all cost. In her words: “People so easily criticize each other constantly.” 

It’s negative and fruitless, and she’s not here for it. Now, whenever a group of people is talking negatively about someone around her, she respectfully leaves the conversation. 

What you allow people to say around you, affects your energy and your ability to show up in the world. What do you not allow people to say around you? How can you enforce that boundary with others?

What are your walls?

Tiesha was not always this comfortable with herself. In fact, when she attended Command the Stage, I felt like she wasn’t fully present. At first, I thought I wasn’t fully reaching her. Now, she shares that she felt guarded — in fact, she felt like there was an invisible wall preventing her from sharing all of her light with the world. Speaking on stage felt difficult and taxing, and she felt drained after the workshop. 

Still, she signed up to work with me again in my Mastermind. We started diving deeper, and began having massive breakthroughs. She admitted that she was not fully comfortable with herself, and began realizing that she was living to impress and please the people around her. 

Now, Tiesha is living a fuller and more authentic life. Her walls have come down and it’s easier for her to connect with others on a deeper level. She did the work, and it shows in how she carries herself in the world.

Strengthen your faith pillar.

When Tiesha began redefining wealth for herself, she initially glossed over the faith pillar. Her faith was strong, she insisted. 

But later on, she was reflecting on her marriage when she realized that her faith pillar actually needed work.

She asked herself – “Do I really believe that this is God’s best for me?”

The feedback was deafening. Stunned, she did some deep reflecting. She believed that she was worthy and deserving. She was loving, a giver, and willing to invest time into her relationships. So was this the best that was available to her? She realized that it was not. 

Tiesha does not tell all of her clients to get divorced and leave their partners. But she does prompt them to reflect on what they believe the God-given best would be for them. 

Tiesha and I laughed, remembering our Grandmothers’ ‘Footprints in the Sand’ clocks — but the lesson holds true. 

We never walk alone, and whether we need to step out of a relationship, step into one, cultivate self-love, set boundaries, or make a change, God is always with us. We just need to have the courage to start walking. 

I hope you loved this episode of Redefining Wealth! 

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