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Back when I was America’s Money Maven, I talked about the same things…all the time. I discussed inflation, credit, budgeting, asking for a raise…you name is, I talked about it on tv. At least, in regards to money. But since then, I have stepped out of that box. 


Back in 2017, I began to feel a serious internal shift. 


I was talking about budgeting, but my heart was not in it one hundred percent. I felt the stirrings of my soul telling me that I was meant for more. (If you know this feeling, make sure to listen to my recent episode, You are Meant for More. It describes how to know that you should make a significant transformation too.)


When I stepped away from just talking about money, I realized that there is so much more to wealth than just money. That’s why I passionately created this podcast, to share the 6 pillars of wealth and how you can cultivate a happier and more aligned life. 


I went through a lot after that. Now as a woman in my 40’s, divorced, dating after the dissolution of a 20-year marriage, with a child, I have evolved A LOT. I am excited to share with you what this evolution has brought about. I know I am not the only one going through these things. 


In today’s episode, allow me to reintroduce myself and share some meaningful lessons on life I have learned that I just know will benefit you too. 



Before you redefine wealth, you need an awakening.


When my clients struggle  to redefine wealth for themselves, they might just not be ready. That’s okay. The thing you need before getting started is usually an awakening. You need to be fully awake.


What do I mean by that? Well it could be a dramatic event that causes you to desire change, or if could also be a mindset shift. It’s the transformation that happens when you stop  talking and start doing. It’s the magic that happens when you stop thinking and start implementing. 


During the awakening. Things really start to happen. Your self-help books don’t gather dust on the shelf, unread. Your community gets to know the real you, because you’re bolder. To be awake  is to be honest. Look at yourself – what is going on with you? What are you feeling right now?


When it’s time to wake up, you’ll know. 


We have been through so much in these last few years. Reintroducing ourselves is not about appearances or cred, or branding or social media. It’s about saying, “This is me – let the right people find me, and let the wrong people leave.”


Our story goes on, but people still see us as we used to be. I knew I had successfully reintroduced myself when Success Magazine named me “Top 25 in Personal Development”…NOT top 25 in personal finance! That’s a big yes from me. 


That made me feel seen, not  because it’s recognition in a magazine or “success” online. It made me feel seen because  I felt for the first time in a long time like I was showing up as my actual self in everything I was doing, and that people saw it. 


Now, I feel  like I am no longer restricted to being America’s money maven. I am no longer restricted to a moniker. I am Patrice Washington. 




In this season of  my life, I prioritize peace over appearances


My friend Ashley is the only person who calls me Pat. (And it should stay that way, y’all.) After that magazine hit shelves, she texted me and said to me – “Pat, this is who you always were. This makes so much sense.” It felt so validating. She reminded me that even back in school,  I was saying the same things I teach my clients now. And now that I am not limited to just talking about budgeting, I can let it all shine through.


The lesson here is – tap into who you truly are. What did you always enjoy, and what were you always good at? What is the most fun for you? What lights you up inside?


It’s exhausting you to not live authentically. So set yourself free, once and for all.


There’s a funny phenomenon that happens when you change. People in your life don’t always get it. There are people – clients, friends – who think I am going through some sort of crisis. It’s  actually a bit humorous though, because I feel like I am in less of a crisis than ever before. 


If people don’t understand you at your most authentic, that is okay. You don’t have to worry about what they think of you and your choices. In a way, repelling the wrong people will also liberate you. 



Today, I scale joy.


I scale joy, and I banish misery. What do I mean by that? I do things that bring a smile to my  face, every single day. Seriously, I am having more fun in my daily personal life than I ever have. 


Like many hardworking and driven people, I used to be totally  in the money pillar. Can you relate? We can get caught up in the hustle and forget that we are worth so much more than our productivity. I have  a client who spent the past 10 years building a business to give the appearance of success. Behind the scenes, she  wishes she had love and she wishes she had had children. She never stopped to ask herself about the desires of her heart, and it’s heartbreaking now. She accomplished so much. And if that had made her happy, great! But it didn’t, because it’s not what she really wanted.


We are typically applauded for checking things off a list. We’re addicted to achievement, and  it makes us feel powerful. It  gives us a sense of control.


It is really important to remind ourselves that our work is not our worth. 




I discern who deserves the best version of me


This is the last thing I’ll share in my official reintroduction today, and it is so important. 


While I try to maintain my authentic self always, I do choose how much of myself to give to people who do not deserve it. 


Sure, I want to be the giver that I am, all the time, with everyone. I try to do the same things and be the same. But some  people are just not ready, and that is okay! 

When you assess your relationships, I encourage you to ask  yourself – what has the evidence shown you about their ability to show up for you? What does their behavior tell you about who they are? 


I can’t keep making decisions about my interactions based on hope. I have to look at the evidence. And so should you. You deserve the right people in your life. 


That’s me. 


I’m Patrice Washington, and I help you redefine wealth for yourself by getting to know your soul desires. 


I hope this episode inspired you to go out there and reintroduce yourself too. If it’s been a season or two since you showed up as you truly are, it’s time. And if you need to redefine wealth – join me for my upcoming event Redefining Wealth LIVE in Atlanta Georgia! Get your tickets now at and hang out with me during this 3-day immersive event. 


Tune in next week for another episode!



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