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5 Reasons Why You Must Attend RW Live 2023

It is a hands-on workshop with me as your guide here in Atlanta Georgia (October 6-8, 2023). You can click here to get tickets.




First–what is RW Live?


During RW Live, we will define which pillar of wealth you need to work on. We’ll take stock of where you are in your life and where you want to be, identifying areas for actionable improvement. We will even role play boundary-setting exercises, write scripts to help us communicate more effectively, and dream bigger in an aligned space of like-hearted individuals. I hope you attend, because I know it will have a profound impact on your life!


On Day One, we will work to awaken you fully to where you are currently. The question will be: “How do I stop romanticizing reality and take inventory of what is no longer serving me?” In order to dream bigger, we have to become fully attuned to where we are right now. 


On Day Two, we will do the work. Seriously, bring a pen and a lot of paper, because you will need it. This is a day of inspired action. We will redefine wealth and go through the pillars, taking an assessment of what you need to work on. 


On Day Three, we’ll create a future action plan. Who do you want to be, and what do you want to do? In order to achieve these dreams, we’ll role play boundaries and write down scripts for what to say when someone crosses them. 


Without further ado…here are 5 reasons you should attend!



5. You have been feeling indecisive in life


Y’all, I hear it time and time again. “I’m looking for clarity.” “I just wish I knew what I really want.” “I just wish I had a direction.” 


Guess what? You know what you want.


What I mean by that is–God puts desires in your heart. There are nudges and hints, if you are listening. You are being called towards something, and that’s why you’re here. Now, I understand looking for clarity! But in RW Live, we will get clear on why you’re stuck, and what you’re gonna do about it. 


If you find yourself on the fence about things frequently, there is a reason. Your indecision is getting in your way, and it’s time to cast it aside. I’m talking about needing others’ input, telling other people about your plans all the time before you make a move, or journaling about your heart’s desire but never doing anything to make them happen. No more!


During RW Live, I’ll help you to trust yourself and make MOVES.



4. You crave like-hearted community.  


I hear the phrase “like-minded” a lot, and I have an issue with it. When you’re in a room full of people whose minds are like yours, you are not growing. You are not progressing, changing and expanding into your fullest self. You’ll just be reinforcing your own biases, limiting beliefs and fears. And we can’t have that. 


Greatness cannot be created in isolation. So often you may be around people who love you, but they can’t understand or hold space. Your family might love you, but they might not understand your heart’s desire to travel the world or start a business. 


Your heart and soul are your greatest gifts, and you deserve to be in a room full of people who feel like you do, whose spirits are aligned with yours. 


Trust me–I’m known for creating aligned spaces. That is my intention for this event: To assemble a group of like-hearted, expansive, and powerful beyond belief.



3. This is a hands-on experience and not a pitch fest. 


I love conferences. That said, some of them feel more authentic than others. If you go to a lot of conferences and workshops, you have probably been to one where it feels like everyone is trying to sell you something. 


In fact, they will probably all sell you conflicting ideas, ultimately confusing you and leaving you tired. Instead, during RW Live, you get me!


I will be guiding you through interventions and exercises for your healing, awareness and personal development, as well as supporting you with hot-seat coaching in real time.



2. You want practical, tangible tools to support your next level  transformation.


You won’t just leave with an idea. You’ll leave with the tools and resources you need to create the most aligned existence possible. 


You’ll leave with practice, scripts, and useful language to support you. You’ll know how to set boundaries with others and enforce them. You’ll understand what an opportunity looks like and what your dreams are. 



1. You simply know that you were meant for more. 


You have probably been through a lot in the last few years. Every pivot, every change and transition has led you here. 


In five years, where do you want to be? If you don’t take action, it will probably look similar to what you’re already doing. Are you ready to live your life on your own terms?


I hope you join us…


Get your tickets now at and hang out with me in Atlanta Georgia. 


Tune in next week for another episode!


That’s all for today – 






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