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4 Lessons From a Spirit Led Entrepreneur

What does it mean to be spirit-led? 

It means that I make decisions from a place of purpose and faith! Even essential business decisions have to come from a place that feels right to me, and I turn to my spirit source in everything I do. 

I’ll be discussing those 4 lessons today: Why being spirit-led trumps intellectual strategies, how to align with your offer, how to avoid funding frustration and why you can’t–and shouldn’t–do it alone. You deserve to move through life from a place of flow, flexibility, and faith. 

Are you ready?

Spirit-led entrepreneurship still requires strategy . . . BUT Strategy doesn’t trump authenticity! 

When I say that strategy doesn’t trump authenticity, people think I’m bad at business. But wait!

I believe in Structure.

I believe in Coaching.

I believe in Mentorship.

I really, genuinely believe in coaching and mentorship. Not just free download online, either. When someone has something exciting to teach me, I am here for it. I’m someone who has invested many thousands of dollars into learning new things and acquiring new skills. 

That said, the one true mentor is my own intuition, and the wisdom of God that flows through me. 

I’ll say that again: My intuitive voice trumps coaching any day. 

Every time I experience a coaching program, no matter how intense or forceful they are, what I am receiving is suggestions. I take them and filter them through my own core values, my beliefs and my personality and lifestyle. 

Coaching and education are golden in so many ways. Always be sure to invest in yourself. But no one is a guru about what you “should” do or what you “need to” be doing. If it feels out of alignment for you, that’s because it is!

If a certain coach doesn’t resonate with you, don’t work with them. If certain daily practices just don’t work for you, don’t do them. And it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you or that you should demonize the coach you worked with that you didn’t align with. 

You get to live life the way you authentically want to. Ask yourself: What do you want? What teachings work best for you? What mentors do you wish you could work with, and which ones don’t stir something in your soul? Their strategies are only so good as what actually works for you.

Align with your offer. 

Here’s the magical thing about being a spirit-led entrepreneur: There are a million ways to generate revenue, especially now with tools and technology.

There is no shortage of ways to make money, and plenty of it. So that said – what’s the lesson?

Do not do things just to make money!

Get crystal clear with yourself on why you want to chase certain opportunities, offer certain workshops or work with certain clients. If money is reason number one every time, it’s time to cut the cord. It is not serving you, spirit-led entrepreneur. 

Hearing this, you might be like–Patrice! I need the money! I can’t fail!

Yes, I hear you. In fact, I myself have had failed launches and programs before. And you know what I realized after each failed launch? It failed because I wasn’t 100% in alignment with it. Some part of me wasn’t certain. 

Projects that you align with don’t drain you–they keep you up at night with excitement. When you’re aligned, you’re not desperate or confused; you are working on something in order to put it out into the world and help people. 

Do not force something your spirit does not desire this season. When you live a spirit-led life, it always pays off.

Pay for Peace, but do not Fund Frustration. 

When you are a spirit-led entrepreneur, you have to make business decisions just like any other company owner. You get to choose what to spend your money on, which programs to run, and who to hire and fire. So I want to share another essential lesson with you: 

Pay for your peace, but do not fund frustration. 

This means, be flexible and be reasonable. 

This one is best explained with an example. I feel silly admitting this but it’s happening: For years, I hired people purely based on my emotions!

I love the people I have worked with, and I am so grateful. However. 

I hired people, loved them, and then things got less wonderful over time. In the beginning, they were a literal blessing to my business. I assumed that for it to be meaningful, it had to last forever. But sometimes, permanence is not the goal. 

Over the course of several years, I noticed that I was hiring people in order to pay for peace…but in the end, I was funding my own frustration. I was paying people to help me solve problems, taking my headaches away. What a blessing! But then over time, they became expensive problems and I was too emotionally attached to have difficult conversations or disappoint anyone. 

Don’t romanticize every little thing. It’s okay to give yourself permission–to fire someone, to quit something, to do what spirit leads you to do. It’s your business, and you get to be led by spirit to do what’s right. 

I’m not saying you can’t have emotions. Honor them. Have all the emotions you want! However, lead with evaluations. Get evaluations of work in writing and make choices based on reality. You are strong enough to do this, trust me. 

Change and leadership are Godly endeavors. Pursue them wholeheartedly.

Purpose isn’t a solo endeavor.

We are not meant to go it alone. The westernized idea of success and purpose is a solo quest, but I don’t believe that we are meant to do life alone. 

Network intentionally and build authentic connections. Learn from others. Seek new friendships. Invest time and energy into a partnership, or finding partnership. 

If you’ve been listening to my show for a while, you know that I encourage you to bask in the richness of life and the human experience. Spirit-led entrepreneurship is all about that.

I hope you enjoyed this episode! Be sure to connect with me if you have any feedback.

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