Dr. Dennis Kimbro: Wealth is a Choice

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“When you are the best at what you do you never have to worry about income because the marketplace will seek you out.” - @DrDennisKimbro Click To Tweet

Many times we become too focused on money. It becomes our goal, and in the end, that’s what gets in our way.

Wealth is not about money. Even money isn’t about money. The people who chase the dollar are those who come in last.

If you really want to reach a place of wealth and finances, the first thing you need to do is master your skills. Become so good at something that the world can’t turn away.

When this happens you’ll no longer need to seek out jobs or employment, the marketplace will start seeking you out.

The second is to stay committed to your passions. Becoming complacent and comfortable is what will cause you to be left behind. You need to constantly step outside of your comfort zone and push the boundaries.

Do you think Steve Jobs was ever like, “Ok, I’ve done enough?” No. He kept pushing the world of tech until the day he died.

On this episode of Redefining Wealth, we are joined by one of my mentors. This man’s book changed my life, and he helped me see the light during one of my lowest moments in life. His name is, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, and if you don’t know him, you’re in for a treat!

Dennis Kimbro is a best-selling author of five books, writing partner and master trainer for the prestigious Napoleon Hill Foundation and is on the faculty at Clark Atlanta University School of Business Administration. He is a recipient of the Dale Carnegie Personal Achievement award.

Download this episode to hear his advice on the mindset you need to achieve the life and financial success you want.
“The greatest gift we have ever been given is the ability to change our mind.” - @DrDennisKimbro Click To Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Now is the time to make a difference.
  • What’s true of God, is true of you and me.
  • You are not broke, your circumstances are.
  • Mindset is key to healing.
  • If your heart is not in your throat at least once a week, you are living too far from the edge.
  • The worst place you can ever be is in your comfort zone.
  • The universe is rigged – in your favor.
  • Ego is any belief other than God.
  • You determine your fortune.
  • Don’t ever compromise your values.
  • Raise the standards in every area of your life.
  • Turn your should do’s into must do’s.
  • The passionate, committed mind will change the world.
  • Conviction is a force multiplier.
  • Every movement started with one individual.
  • There’s no financial deficit, there’s a spiritual deficit.
  • Believe and achieve.
  • If miracles aren’t occurring in your life, love is not present.
“The worst place you can ever be is in your comfort zone.” - @DrDennisKimbro Click To Tweet


Dr. Kimbro’s Website

Dr. Kimbro’s Twitter

Dr. Kimbro’s LinkedIn

The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires by Dennis Kimbro

Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice by Dennis Kimbro ‎and Napoleon Hill

Free to Choose by Milton Friedman

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  • Megan Villinis

    Dr. Kimbro is such an inspirational speaker! My big “ah ha” moment is when he said, “Persistence will help you get there, but consistency helps you STAY there…”

    Loving your work, Patrice, and you are very inspiring. Thank you for all you do for the listeners!

  • mshoneyvu

    This man is shaming me and educating me at the same time! I had to stop listening just for a moment to process my thoughts and post this comment. I, we, have to acknowledge that most of the time it is our fault. I know I have made decisions that didn’t serve me and am dealing with analysts paralysis trying not to make things worse so I a reality is in order. I see why Dr. Kimbro is your mentor. I love how in true teacher fashion he is only giving us random points from this twenty point list so we have to look the rest up! I have to go back to finish listening but thanks, again, for introducing us to another awe inspiring person we needed to know about!

  • Ashley

    There were so many aha moments in the podcast for me, I know people at work were probably looking at me like what is she listening to, but if I had to pick one it would be. The passion of a committed mind can never be defeated. Thank you so much for sharing this Dr. Kimbro an amazing speaker.

  • Devon

    This podcast really was life changing. The perspective that he brings and reality that a negative mindset is our greatest limitation. I like nice things but often won’t buy them but I need to understand that I deserve those items. Wealth is definitely on my horizon. I approach the focus on faith, family, relationships and not just money. Life is a bit difficult for me right now and I don’t have a fortune cookie but I know I can speak my truth into existence. Thank you Patrice and Dr. Kimbro

  • Kimberly Mcgee

    Kimberly Mcgee1 second ago
    I love all of your podcast, but this is the BEST one so far for me! This episode is “CRAZY AWESOME”!!!!! the knockout punch for me was when he said that he went around to every table looking for the fortune cookie he wanted. That’s what I’m talking about, “seek and you shall find it!” My spirit truly resignates with this gentleman and I’m buying his book and and all the other authors he mentioned. This man tells it like it is! VERY INSIGHTFUL AND INSPIRATIONAL!! MORE, MORE, MORE!

  • Denshai Lee

    I can say Dr. Kimbro had my attention from an early age, I read What Makes The Great, Great in High School. Married at 19, divorced at 25, single mother of two, I remember picking up a journal from my high school years and reading quotes that came from many of the people Dr. Kimbro interviewed. Went back to college to earn a BS in Business Management by 28, excelled in my career making six figures by 33. Now at 35 I’m ready to build my own businesses and let me tell you Patrice I had to pull over on my drive to work this morning. Dr. Kimbro was speaking to me! I’m so fired up! I have my life coach, my health coach, my financial coach all lined up for 2018 to strategize and design the life I want to live. I must say I’ve been looking forward to every Thursday and today I’m so pumped up! I’m so inspired and ready to turn my “should do’s into must do’s” and raise my standards in every area of my life. I’m having a hard time starting my work this morning because I want to listen to the podcast again but I might start shouting at my desk. THANK YOU for this episode today!

  • Tracye Mosley

    This whole series on Results not Resolutions is awesome! There were so many aha moments in this episode for me. When Dr. Kimbro said “Turn should dos into must dos”, it really resonated with me. I am good at making a “to do” list for my life but I must make that “to do” list a “must do” list where my passions are not optional. Another aha moment was when Dr. Kimbro said “Have a passionate and committed mind.” This interview as well as your podcast are life transforming. Thank you.

  • Nicole Geer

    Great Podcast!!! Change your mindset!!!

  • Regenia S. Robertson

    Hello Patrice, I’ve been a mentee of yours over 4 years, and I know how you like to bring it. You desire the BEST for us, and you always deliver. Having read Napoleon Hill and Dr. Dennis Kimbro’s books made me hungry for more; I got it today listening to the Podcast. You do not disappoint!!! Thanks for being “particular” with what you feed us.

  • Celeste

    OMG!!! That was a fireball episode! Dr. Dennis Kimbro is soooo powerful! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. My biggest takeaway and aha moment was when he said the passion of committed mind!!! I love how he kept saying it over and over! It really resonated with me. I’m taking this to heart and I will make this apart of my daily morning routine and I believe this will keep me focused even when I don’t feel like showing up for myself and my brand! The commitment level has gone to another level as we speak. This commitment series has been a game changer for me as a whole. Patrice, you are a powerhouse in your own right! Thanks for sharing your powerhouse friends and mentors with me!

  • Danielle Hoffmann

    I have been listening to your podcast since I heard you on Paychecks and Balances, and appreciate so much everything that you have taught me. My husband and I recently took a roadtrip and I made him listen to the episode that you did with your husband for your 10 year anniversary, haha! But this episode, in particular, truly spoke to me and put a lump in my throat. Dr. Kimbro is incredibly eloquent and passionate in his speaking and I can only imagine what it would be like to have a class with him! My particular aha moment was his story about going to the Chinese restaurant and finding his own fortune. You often drive home the fact that our mindsets and actions are directly responsible for our circumstances, but I also loved the way that he hit that point home on this podcast. Life may not be fair, but we are directly responsible for what we do with what God has given us! It was inspiring to hear both of you share your struggles and how you came back on top. Please keep doing what you’re doing and blessing the world!

  • LaKitia Woodard

    Can you say OFF THE CHAIN! My ah ha moment was when he started looking for other fortune cookies until he found the fortune he wanted. Patrice you repeated what I was thinking. I’m like he refused to accept the fortune that was given to him. That was so powerful for me because how often do we just accept whatever that’s given to us. I sat back and just accepted the salary my job has given me over the last 10 years. Yes, I could have found another job but I chose not too. But let me tell you something, I don’t accept it anymore because my job has turned into my angel investor for my business and I recently became an author. I used my greatest gift which is the ability to change my mind and made a decision to retire from Corp America on my terms.

  • Toya Wms

    Whew!!!! This Results not Resolutions series was off the chain! OMG! So many good nuggets, takeaways and actionable items. I love Dennis Kimbro and I have his book The Wealth Choice. I’ve listened to a couple of his trainings and he always bring the thunder. All I can hear in mind after this series is your voice saying, “Are you committed or just interested?” I hear that in the gym and when I’m working or pursing anything. And sometimes in all honesty, I’m just interested, that question has really helped me identify those things that I need to dig into and those that just don’t deserve my energy. Bravo!

  • Cathy C

    This was another stellar podcast! Thank you Patrice for sharing such wonderful guests with us. My mother gave me Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice as a college graduation gift back in 1994 and I am looking forward to the new book! What struck me in this episode is if you’re the smartest one in your circle, you need a new circle! I started a local chapter of an organization I am in. We just celebrated our 16th Anniversary and I realize that I have done all that I can do for this group and that it is no longer helping me grow nor growing with me. Sentimentally I am having some reluctance to let it go but I know it’s time. Your podcast today helped me be OK with changing my circle, being uncomfortable. Thank you!

  • Kimberly

    Patrice, you continue to connect us to some of the greatest thinkers of our time. You are a conduit for light and practical wisdom and I am very grateful that you started your amazing podcast. You and your guests inspire me to be and do more with my life!

  • Dee

    Passionate and committed mind!! There were some many take aesys from this episode so I’m sure I’m going listen to it again on my drive to Corona tomorrow to celebrate my niece grand opening of her braid salon. Thanks for sharing I’m looking forward to the series.

  • Shantay Alicia

    Patrice! This was sooooo good! My Aha moment: “Why are you searching for a key for an unlocked door?!” When Dr. Kimbro said this, it took me all the way out. It was so powerful, and I really look forward to bringing him back a second time. I can’t wait until you are doing live podcasts 😉

  • Lynnme1205

    They are all very interesting and information, but I felt like singing like Auntie Roberta Flack after this one! Dr. Kimbro was definitely killing me softly! He spoke to my desires to be a blessing by leaving an imprint on this world! I always say a footprint, but a fingerprint is uniquely mine. That “why are you looking for a key ? to an unlocked door?” Had me screaming out loud! Many blessings to you!

  • HEHV .D

    I love listening to your podcast every week. My drive to work is encouraging. It actually is the perfect length because it ends as I pull into the parking lot. That commute–gotta love it. My ah ha moment “Don’t ever compromise your values”, which rain truth to me wanting to grow organically n my social media platforms for my blog. I truly follow and share what I like and not for likes. Thank you for introducing to me to more inspiring people.


  • Cherry Lott

    I’ve had to listen to this one twice so far. There were several ah ha moments but one quote really gave me pause! “if your heart isn’t in your throat at least once a week, you’re living too far from the edge.” That resonated with me because we’re usually crippled by fear and the unknown but here, we’re encouraged to embrace it because destiny is in those moments!! Yass this serious has been a tremendous blessing!

  • Tamar Bonne-Annee

    The truth about wealth is… It’s easier than I thought. POWERFUL. Thank you Patrice Washington and Dr. Kimbro for your honesty and transparency regarding the true meaning of wealth. Listening to Dr. Kimbro has only reaffirmed what I already know. The knowing that everything I need in order to achieve whatever I want to achieve is ALREADY within ME. As a young child I watched my father achieve his dreams, coming from the small Caribbean island of Haiti to the U.S. to realize his dream of becoming a pastor and shepherd of his own church. I watched him struggle. I watched him fall. I watched him get up TIME and TIME again, rising higher and higher. He NEVER stopped going. I couldn’t understand as a child because his dream was not mine. But now, as I hear speaker after speaker on this amazing podcast share about what it means to be wealthy and successful I realize that the decision to stay committed to whatever your goals, hopes, and dreams are is really all you need. Wealth indeed equals faith, persistence, and discipline as Dr. Kimbro said. I feel privileged to have witnessed that in action from a child. Thank you Pappy for living your life as a true example of building wealth and success. Thank you Patrice Washington for making this topic plain (…and on a FREE platform). Thank you Patrice Washington for providing this information using language that is easy to understand (language is power!). Thank you Patrice Washington for sharing valuable resources from interviews with people who inspire you, to books, to inspirational quotes. I APPRECIATE IT ALL! No more excuses. It’s time to rise up and match my potential to my performance, knowing that getting out of my comfort zone is just the right place be. I get it now. Thanks again Patrice Washington. Job well done!

  • CRB

    So many moments captured my heart in this podcast, but I’ll go with the moment when Dr. Kimbro made the choice to select his fortune. Even in the midst of uncertainty, he made the conscious decision to select a fortune that embodied where he would be. Even deeper than that, he modeled this in front of his family which is so key to creating an impactful legacy. I have to throw in here that when he said if you don’t have any miracles occurring in your life there isn’t enough love?!?! I almost laid out on the floor, whewwww!!!! I’m finishing Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice right now… I’ll start his latest book very soon, either because I’m chosen the winner or I purchase it myself. Thank you for these jewels, Patrice.

  • Lena JH

    I love every single podcast that you release! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us! As for this episode- I normally re-listen to every episode, maybe two or three times; I not only re-listened to this one a few times, but actually kept stopping and rewinding every few minutes. It was rich with value, down to every minute! What resonated most (and I had a hard time choosing) was the moment where he complimented you, stating that you made a decision -conscious or unconscious- that you were going to be successful/wealthy. I feel like that is also me, from a very young age, even though I did not understand it and have had many obstacles and detours along the way. I’m at a time in my life where I am really trying to improve in every aspect and make consistent progress, so thank you again for this!

  • Christina Pruitt

    When he said that “conviction is a force multiplier” it really struck a cord with me. I was reminded that the battle for peace, wealth, health &c. are all fought in the mind. By having a renewed mind and holding to my convictions everything that I want to accomplish and need to do in terms of fufilling my destiny is within me. My choices, my attention, my time are all placed on things that I value. There were too many nuggets to remember them all. This is one of the first of your podcasts where I was like ‘dang, I need to listen to the whole thing again’. I usually just rewind a few minutes here and there. But this one was different. Thank you for sharing these.

  • Chelsa S. Moore

    Sooo this may or may not be my third time listening to this podcast. lol Wow! This conversation convicted me to the core. Dr. Kimbro mentioned the rule his tells his student which was to never sit in the same seat twice because they’ll become comfortable. He gave the two examples of the one guy who is afraid to lose his home versus the guy who is afraid to lose his life. I realized that I was the first example mainly because I was trapped in indecision. Like you mentioned, analysis paralysis is real. I am on a mission to get out of this trap! Like Dr. K said, the kingdom of God is within us. God has already prepared the way for us we just need to believe and be not afraid! This is probably one of the most profound conversation on wealth and purpose that I’ve listened to. Thank you Patrice and Dr. Kimbro for your wisdom and passion to see others break the mindset of poverty, fear, stagnation and more. I am a first timer and will be tuning in weekly! <3

  • Dominique

    Let me just start by saying I had several aha moments! The most important came when Dr. Kimbro talked about the wealth gap and when you all discussed mastering your craft. I truly have a gift from God when it comes to resume and career development skills. This God-given talent can help decrease the wealth gap. I paused the episode within the first 15 minutes to create a gmail account for my career services business. Immediately after, I created an Instagram account for my business as well (@dpresumequeen)! Within a split second I stepped into my purpose! I will be starting my LLC within the nest four weeks. Thank you for motivating me to take action! THIS IS MY YEAR OF EXECUTION!!!!

  • Tiandra Gipson

    “Why are you searching for a key to an unlocked door?”

    “It is finished”!!! John 19:30

  • Dominique Jackson

    Wow! I was recently introduced to your podcast and this is the first one I watched, and absolutely love the wisdom shared. This podcast was extremely timely and spoke directly to my current situation. Here are my top ah-ha takeaways:

    1. The world is rigged in your favor
    2. Have you moved from potential to performance?
    3. If you know who you walk with (God) you would never fear or doubt a day in your life
    4. Success builds character, but failure reveals it. Failure is not fatal, failure is the down payment you pay for success.
    5. Never underestimate the power of a committed and passionate mind.

    I have been replaying this podcast nonstop. Thank You!!

  • Robin Wiggins




  • Nikia

    I have to get up from this table and keep working until i find the fortune cookie that I want! LOL. But seriously, my life has changed DRAMATICALLY in the last year so hearing “if you knew who walks beside you in this journey called life you will never doubt or fear again” was absolutely the moment i needed. I’ve already listed to this episode twice.

  • Shakesha Costict

    This was such a powerful episode. So powerful that I listened to it twice. “Why are you searching for a key to an unlocked door.” Wow!!! This episode had me almost in tears! Thank you for sharing.

  • Tanya Barnett

    I received a HUGE PUNCH IN MY GUT and was left gasping for air. This message stung and I felt like I was sitting at the feet of my dad who was chastising me for making mistakes. But then, I was given tools to get my whole life. I will be sharing this with my husband. We need to get a financial grip ASAP!!! Thank you Patrice!

  • Linda Mensah

    Very smart person and know how to present/talk so we all understand, so I can take action

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