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Connie Hill Johnson: Prepare for the Role Reversal

What does your parents’ health have to do with Redefining Wealth? Well, more than you might think. You see, if you’re like many of us in the “sandwich generation” – the place where you’re raising children while also caring for your parents – then you know your parents’ health can affect your lifestyle and financial independence just as much as it does theirs.

Now, this has been something I’ve experienced myself, and it’s something Connie Hill Johnson, owner of a Visiting Angles franchise in Cleveland, Ohio, witnesses on a day-to-day basis. As you might imagine, she gets a front-row seat to the challenges senior citizens face and the struggles their caretakers and families battle with when things like long-term care, power of attorney and last rites aren’t discussed or prepared for in advance.

Tune in as Connie shares critical steps in preparing for your parents’ future care. We cover everything from how to start the role reversal conversation to getting your siblings on the same page. We also talk about preparing your finances so caring for your parents doesn’t end up being a burden. Connie also shares several eye-opening ways to have the conversation (even when your parents don’t want to talk).

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Role Reversal Takeaways

  • Don’t just ask who’s going to make the potato salad this holiday. Talk about the who and how of caring for your aging parents.
  • Sit down with your parents and siblings and have the conversation when all is well BEFORE a crisis hits. – Connie Hill Johnson
  • We’re all going to grow old whether we like or not so we may as well talk about it. – Connie Hill Johnson
  • If your parents don’t want to have the conversation, don’t take it personally. They simply may be uncomfortable talking about their mortality. – Connie Hill Johnson
  • In our society, growing old isn’t sexy, but it’s life. – Connie Hill Johnson
  • Make no assumptions. Ask questions. – Connie Hill Johnson
  • Family dynamics matter when it comes to this whole role reversal journey. – Connie Hill Johnson

Do your parents have vital documents about their healthcare already prepared? Ask the right questions and offer to help them through the process if they don’t know where to start. Listen, having this discussion is hard, but it gets much easier when you have Connie’s Role Reversal Guide as a resource. Get it here:

Now, Connie and I would love to know your biggest takeaways from this episode. Have you already started talking to your parents about their wishes and future needs? Let us know.

Redefining Wealth Rapid Wisdom Questions

And with that, let’s dig into Connie’s responses to our Redefining Wealth Rapid Wisdom Questions.

Define Success:


Define Wealth in 3 Words or Less:

“Joy, contentment, abundance”

One Book that Has Redefined How You See Wealth:

The Bible

Fill-in the Blanks … “My name is ___ and the truth about wealth is ___”:

“My name is Connie and the truth about wealth is finding my place in life and giving back to benefit others. Service to others is my truth about wealth.” 


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