Tera Carissa Hodges: History Does Not Dictate Destiny

Don’t let people lie to you, there are haters out there. The more you chase your purpose, the more they will appear. One thing you can’t let them do is take you away from your purpose. It’s [...]

EP 19: How to Make Every Goal Stick

How do we stick to our goals? What does it take to dream something great for ourselves today and actually achieve it by December 31st? I want you to reach your goals this year, which is why in [...]

Egypt Sherrod: Simplicity Drives Success

As you know, space is an important pillar. It’s not about faking it and throwing all your junk in drawers. It’s about finding your value and showing it through your surroundings. If you have old [...]

Paul Brunson: What Two Billionaires Taught Me About People

Do you treat everyone the same, or do you pick and choose the people you want to be in contact with? Do you find yourself quickly judging people and expecting them to help you? You’re doing [...]

Brandi Harvey: Your Roots Create Your Results

Let me ask you something, and I want you to be honest. What’s the point of making a resolution if you aren’t going to keep it? Also, how do you expect to keep your resolution if you’re not fixing [...]