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The True Cost of Clutter: How It Impacts Your Life and Finances

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Hey there, Purpose Chasers! Welcome back to another episode of the Redefining Wealth podcast, where today we’re kicking off our new month with a new theme and a new pillar: the SPACE Pillar. And let’s be honest, this is a pillar that many people are notorious for neglecting. Let’s get started by talking about clutter. Yes, that’s right – clutter in all its forms and the staggering (and surprising) costs it incurs on our lives.

Now, before we unpack the chaos, let’s define what clutter really is. It’s anything that’s taking up space in your physical environment and the things that are cluttering up your mental space, too. And trust me, it’s more than just a nuisance – it’s a silent thief robbing you of your time, energy, and peace of mind. Clutter isn’t just about having too much stuff lying around. It’s a reflection of the chaos within us. And it’s costing us dearly. From heightened stress levels to diminished productivity, clutter is a sneaky culprit behind it all.

So in today’s episode, you’ll learn the hidden costs of clutter and how it’s impacting every aspect of your life. From wasted time to missed opportunities, clutter is holding us back in ways we may not even realize. So, join me as we embark on a clutter-busting new month all about the SPACE Pillar. It’s time to reclaim our space and our sanity so we can truly thrive.


Show Notes:

[1:49] – Your physical environment matters.

[3:38] – Detoxing my space is an important part of my healing.

[5:05] – Clutter is not just about physical space and too much stuff. It is also the physical manifestation of the chaos in your mind.

[8:21] – Clutter produces more stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

[10:35] – Research has shown that clutter has a direct impact on cortisol levels, the stress hormone.

[12:12] – There’s a time cost of clutter. Managing clutter takes so much of your valuable time.

[13:55] – When you have more surfaces or space, you do not need to fill it with physical objects.

[16:48] – Clutter can impede your daily activities because you’re always searching for things and moving through too much stuff.

[19:27] – Clutter creates distractions and impairs your productivity.

[20:39] – If you are working on a project, take a look around your physical space and see if that could be one of the reasons you are sabotaging your success.

[23:24] – How are you storing your clutter? Storage units and organization systems for things that don’t matter to you are costing you money.

[25:59] – Money spent on maintaining clutter also equates to missed opportunities.

[28:59] – What are you holding on to that doesn’t serve you? It’s becoming clutter.

[30:12] – Clutter is costing you whether you want to acknowledge it or not.


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