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The Six Pillars of Wealth + How to Use Them to Get Fast Results

Hi there my Purpose Chasers! Wherever you are on your journey to prosperity and abundance, I know that you’re working on getting your Pillars of Wealth in alignment.

But sometimes we all need a little help on the road, so today, I’m walking you through those six Pillars again. I want you to be sure that you know what each Pillar means, why it holds that place in your life, and I want you to check on how each Pillar’s working out for you right now. You see, if you don’t have your Pillars working for you, nothing else is gonna be working for you either.

Back when it was my job to be giving people financial advice through an educational nonprofit, time and again, I’d see that the people I was working with just weren’t in a position to apply that advice to their life. And it wasn’t their fault – it’s just that their Pillars were out of line.

How could they save money if they were sick all the time and weren’t able to put in the hours at their job? How could they make financial decisions about the future if they weren’t feeling secure in their relationships?

So I created my Six Pillars framework to help those clients – and people just like them – to live a life in alignment, with each Pillar working in harmony.

And it all starts with the Fit Pillar.

This Pillar focuses on you becoming your best self – in your mind, body and spirit. I’m not just talking about looking good physically, but feeling energized, confident, and healthy enough to fully step into your dreams.

See, I used to say that I wanted all these things, to travel the world helping people and to talk on stage to spread my message, but actually, I wasn’t fit enough to make it to the top of the stairs without losing my breath! So I had to take care of my fitness so that I could take care of my dreams.

The other aspect of my Fit Pillar that I had to work on was my mental fitness. Luckily, I’ve been working with a therapist since my early twenties so I had already let go of some of my mental blocks, but that mental side of the Fit Pillar is still really important to me.

As women, we’re often told by society that we need to put everyone else first. Ladies, no! If you want to be there for the people you love in your life, be there for yourself first.

So that Fit Pillar is gonna look different for different people because my fitness goals aren’t gonna be the same as yours, but we all need to work on that Fit Pillar first.

Take care of the body that’s taking you to your purpose.


And once you’ve got that right, you’re ready to look at your People Pillar.

The People Pillar taught me that relationships should be nurtured with the same care as big business deals. I used to neglect my loved ones while chasing “success,” only to end up feeling empty inside. Now, I give presence and attention to my inner circle while also connecting genuinely with mentors, colleagues, and clients. The results have been incredible – the stronger my connections, the more opportunities come my way.

And when you’re in the People Pillar zone, you need to examine the other people around you. Not just your friends and family, the other people in your network, and the people around them.

I always say that there’s someone watching you who has the power to bless you, but who are they watching you be? You never know who around you could put you in a position to experience your next level of purpose and prosperity.

Then it’s time to look at your Space Pillar. 

I created this Pillar because I learned from bitter experience just how much physical spaces impact my mental clarity and creativity. When my surroundings were cluttered and chaotic, I felt stuck and frustrated.

I tried writing my first book in my old office which was also the family junk room. And it didn’t work. I had the worst case of writer’s block in that room. Nothing was happening.

But when I raised my head and looked at what was around me – the piles of laundry, the unopened packages – it started to make sense to me why I couldn’t write. I was living in clutter, and it was robbing me of my clarity and creativity. And when I started to clear it out, my ideas could flow again.

So that Space Pillar isn’t just about where you live, it’s how you live. And if you’ve got clutter choking up your space, I can guarantee that you’re also holding onto outdated beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.

And here’s where we finally move onto that Faith Pillar.

And I know that a lot of you are churchgoing folks who think that faith should come first.

But the truth is, if you’re putting faith first, you’re not bringing God anything for Him to bless. You’re asking Him for all these things you want, but you’re not doing anything about it yourself.

The Faith Pillar taught me that true belief requires practice – it’s a muscle that’s built over time. Now, I start my day with spiritual practices that keep me grounded, resilient and hopeful, no matter what challenges come.

And let me be clear here that this Faith Pillar doesn’t mean that you have to believe in God, but you do need to believe in something that’s bigger than you are. And you need to sustain that belief with action. Whether you’re journaling, meditating, taking long walks in quiet places, whatever it is, you need to connect with that higher power.

Next is our Work Pillar.

Here, we’ve gotta make a distinction between passion and purpose. 

Your passion can excite you and serve you, but your purpose must serve others.

Whether you’re working in a job or on your own business, your work pillar needs to allow you to use your innate abilities to help other people. 

Because believe me, if you don’t find meaning in your work, you’re digging yourself into a hole. If you’ve got a void in your life, you’ll fill it with something that’s not going to do anything for you. Unfulfilling relationships, bad spending habits, junk food diets… whatever you need to get you through the day doing something that doesn’t light you up.

And once you’ve finally got yourself aligned on your Fit Pillar, your People Pillar, your Space, your Faith, and your Work, now’s when you look at your Money Pillar.

Because here’s the secret: all that financial advice that you hear from all those other experts about getting that good credit score, making a savings account, preparing for the future, that’s all true. It’s all good advice.

But you can’t apply that advice until everything else in your life has clicked into place.

Once you’ve worked on your other Pillars, your Money Pillar will work for you.

Good money habits are easier when you’re not struggling every day just to stay afloat. 

And this Six Pillars framework allows you to build the wealth that you want in all areas of your life, not just in your bank account. 

If you’re interested in exploring this more, please reach out to me! I have tons of resources, online communities and other tools that dive deeper into the Six Pillars of Wealth.

Because here’s my belief: once you start taking care of every part of yourself with love and wisdom, everything else takes care of itself. 

Talk soon –


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