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Self Awareness is NOT Soul Awareness

In this week’s episode Redefining Wealth, I’m asking you…are you self-aware or soul aware? 

They might sound the same, but they’re not. 

Self-awareness is the ability to reflect on your beliefs, feelings or thoughts. It is an understanding of your situation and your reactions to it. But soul awareness is so much more-it is the true alignment of your actions with your divine purpose. It’s time to assess whether you’re living in alignment or just busy living. 

Should I be self-aware or soul aware?

The answer is, you should be both. It is important to search for answers. If you are here listening to this podcast and reading this blog post, you’re probably a very self-aware person! You are someone who is genuinely interested in personal growth. 

You are likely somebody who reads, listens, attends, networks and just all-around invests in your growth as a human being. I applaud you and you should be so proud. 


Self-awareness is not everything, because it is missing a key ingredient: Soul awareness! Without soul awareness, your “busy-ness” willnot fulfill you. Without soul awareness, those books will not be read and if they are, they will not be acted upon. 

Let me explain. When you’re self-aware, you seek out areas for growth and expansion. You are curious about new tools and resources. But you are probably not doing the actual work if you’re not soul aware. An aware and aligned soul takes action because they are driven by something much more powerful than the expectations of other people. Sure, a self-aware person will buy a book because their friend recommended it. But a soul aware and aligned person will read a book and implement the incredible advice, tailoring it to their lifestyle, because they feel called to. 

A self-aware person will attend workshops dedicated to their purpose and receive coaching. But a soul aware and aligned person will take the best parts of what they learn at the event and turn it into serious life change. (If you’re looking for a live event like this, please do not miss Redefining Wealth LIVE in Atlanta Georgia). 

You can be self-aware and busy. But a soul aware person is not busy for the sake of feeling important, or doing what people think they ought to be doing. A soul aware person only schedules themself for things that feel in aligned with their purpose, interests, or curiosities. Obviously we all do things we need to do-your oil change or tax appointment might not feel purpose-driven necessarily-but in general, you don’t distract yourself with a busy schedule, making it difficult to quiet your mind and heart your heart. Don’t be afraid of a little silence and an empty day to connect with yourself and spirit. 

Don’t wait for a rude awakening.

Many of us do not become soul aware until we receive what I like to call an awakening. It’s a jarring, intense life experience that forces you to reflect on your life’s trajectory and your place in the universe. 

Most people don’t change their eating habits until they get diagnosed with a serious health issue. 

Most people don’t change their relationship habits and relational behaviors until their marriage is on the rocks.

Most people don’t make a change in our careers until we are at the absolute breaking point. 

Unfortunately, most people are reactive…not proactive. We wait until things become dire to take inspired action. This is not soul awareness, and we should strive to live in alignment so  that we do not have to suffer these problems and the fallout that we create. 

When something like this happens, we ask ourselves…how did we get here? You probably know, but you weren’t taking the action you know you should have, earlier. You have been settling for your own behavior that is actually beneath you, and you’re so much better than this. 

How do I become soul aware?

A lot of information…is useless, without the ability to implement it. What good is it to know what you’re supposed to do, and not have the guts that it takes to step into it and take action?

Soul awareness is alignment. It is the act of you asking, “WHat is my soul saying to me?” and then doing whatever your soul calls you to do, no matter what. It is faith. It is trust that everything will work out. 

Soul awareness is the act of asking yourself what you authentically desire. Have you asked yourself lately? If you did, were you openhearted enough to hear the answer, no matter how big or uncomfortable the answer is? ARe you truly listening to your heart’s desires?

I have done enough coaching and teaching to know that most people do not consciously know what they want or how to achieve it, but their purpose is still there hidden under all the rubble of everyday life. 

You are probably doing some version fo what other people want you to do. You probably went to school somewhere other people encouraged you to go, and do a job because you had connections in the industry or felt like it would make enough money or make you “enough.” 

But as a soul aware and awake leader, it is my time to ask you…have you taken enough time to ask yourself what you want out of your precious life?

And more importantly…have you taken enough action to make that happen for yourself?

Tune in next week for another episode!

That’s all for today – 


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