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It’s Shedding Season: What Happens When You Release the Weight with Wanda Thompson

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Welcome back, Purpose Chasers! Today’s episode is all about shedding season and what happens when we release the emotional weight that’s been holding us back. And boy, do I have a treat for you! I am joined by the amazing Wanda Thompson, a two-time graduate of the Redefining Wealth Pillar Mastery program and an absolute powerhouse of resilience and faith.

Now, let me tell you, Wanda’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. From her spoken word artistry to her unwavering commitment to personal growth, she’s got a story that’s bound to tug at your heartstrings and lift your spirits. Plus, with her EP “Something to Think About”, she’s brought her unique blend of wisdom and creativity to share with others on this same journey.

In this episode, Wanda gets real about her own struggles with shedding weight, emotional, mental, and physical, and living her true purpose. We’re talking about setting boundaries, letting go of self-worth tied to external validation, and the incredible journey of self-discovery that comes with it all. And trust me, her insights are like a breath of fresh air in a world that can sometimes feel a little too heavy.

Wanda’s story is a reminder that no matter what we’re going through, there’s always a way forward.

Show Notes:

[4:31] – It’s shedding season and I’m ready to live free.

[7:09] – Wanda shares the story of first meeting Patrice and learning that she needed to be a part of Redefining Wealth.

[8:53] – Respect your feelings and what you are walking through, but don’t pause your purpose.

[10:26] – Wanda describes the time in her life when her wounds were preventing her from moving forward.

[11:41] – What happens is not the problem. It’s your perception.

[13:09] – Her experience put her even more in her shell because it reinforced the misconceptions she had in her head.

[15:58] – The more willing you are to establish a boundary and enforce it, the more quality relationships you will attract.

[18:50] – We need to stop attaching our self worth to the assignment.

[20:38] – We can’t be emotionally released from wounds if we continue toting around clutter.

[23:28] – There’s always a reason that we feel like we have to run from ourselves.

[25:27] – In addition to releasing emotional weight, Wanda also lost 50 pounds of physical weight after struggling with her weight her entire life.

[30:21] – Patrice has seen Wanda transform and it has served as an important reminder.

[32:04] – The SPACE Pillar was the most transformative for Wanda which was a surprise to her.

[36:04] – You can’t do this by yourself.

[39:31] – You can look around the room and space you are in and can tell how your mind is functioning.

[43:54] – There is a fine line between radical honesty and judgment.

[45:52] – You can come out of this and be better. But there’s no end to this journey.

[48:04] – Are you being performative in your relationships?

[52:04] – It’s not too late to do anything.

[55:43] – Information gathering is great, but the goal is integration.

[59:01] – Go to Wanda’s website to find a free ebook about her journey and an amazing EP recording of spoken word art.

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