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How to Say “NO” Without Feeling Guilty

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Welcome back, Purpose Chasers! This is an episode where we’re diving deep into the art of saying no without feeling guilty. I’m thrilled to continue our exploration of the PEOPLE Pillar, focusing on the theme: stopping the people-pleasing cycle.

Now, let’s face it—saying no can be tough. We’ve all been there, juggling commitments and feeling torn between our own priorities and others’ expectations. But guess what? You don’t have to feel guilty when you say no. That’s right, it’s time to reclaim your boundaries and honor your own needs.

In this episode, we’re unpacking the power of setting boundaries and the freedom that comes with confidently saying no. From recognizing that your own limits and priorities matter to detaching from the responses of others, we’re exploring strategies to navigate those tricky moments with grace and authenticity. And hey, it’s not about shutting people out—it’s about keeping peace within ourselves while staying true to our purpose and goals.

We’ll go over the main things that will set you on a guilt-free path. Trust me, it’s a skill worth cultivating, and with a little practice, you’ll be well on your way to living a life that aligns with your vision and values.


Show Notes:

[3:25] – It feels empowering to say no to things that don’t align.

[4:32] – It’s not on other people to enforce our boundaries.

[5:24] – You can say no and leave people with their dignity.

[7:30] – You have goals, dreams, desires, and purpose for your life. If in this season, you have to say no to more things to execute your purpose, there is nothing wrong with that.

[8:45] – Your limits and priorities matter. Remind yourself of this when you feel guilty.

[12:11] – When you don’t have a vision for your life, you’ll get sucked into everyone else’s.

[14:45] – You can be willing to help, but it has to be in a way that fits in your life.

[17:39] – Saying no is a muscle you have to build.

[19:07] – What if you started to envision people accepting your no?

[23:43] – If you say no and it’s a problem, pay attention.

[25:09] – Write a script and practice saying no.

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