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Here’s My Self-Care Routine by Pillar

Hey, wonderful listeners! In this episode, we’re diving headfirst into the transformative world of mindfulness and self-care, exploring how we can infuse those precious everyday minutes with presence. I mean, let’s be real – a minute here, 30 seconds there – there’s got to be room in our day for a sprinkle of mindfulness. Let’s break down the misconceptions about mindfulness and self-care practices, all while understanding that wealth is way more than just the dollars and cents. This is a crucial piece of the FIT Pillar, and believe me, there’s no such thing as being “bad” at mindfulness. It’s a skill we can all cultivate and start integrating into your day-to-day lives.

So in this episode, I’m sharing four simple ways to practice mindfulness that can also be found in the 30-Day Month of Mindfulness Calendar. You can also find all of this on the new Redefining Wealth app and join the mindfulness discussion with other Purpose-Chasers. 

From non-judgmental acceptance to mindful breathing, we’ve got you covered. Because here’s the truth – when we’re not present, redefining wealth becomes near impossible. So, let’s slow down, be aware, and make these mindful moments count.

Show Notes:

[3:29] – It’s time to double down on your mindfulness practices and solidify this journey.

[5:50] – My self care rituals are sacred and non-negotiable.

[6:43] – Mindfulness means living in the present moment.

[8:12] – When we are not present, it’s impossible to redefine wealth. You cannot recondition the things that do not serve you.

[10:24] – When you are in a mindful moment, practice non-judgemental acceptance.

[13:01] – Mindfulness is also about acting with awareness.

[16:11] – Practice mindful breathing. That alone brings you to awareness.

[17:38] – Do you realize how often you rush through a meal?

[20:09] – Instead of walking with purpose, walk mindfully.

[24:03] – Mindful listening is one of the most impactful practices you can integrate into your life.

[27:01] – One simple change could change everything.

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