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If you know my story, then you know that I went from losing it all and going from seven figures to scraping change from couch cushions. I found myself on the bathroom floor questioning God and feeling hopeless, afraid and ashamed because back then, I didn’t know that there were resources available that could help. 

Had I seen someone receiving the support that I give in Opportunity Knock$, I would have known what was possible. I truly believe this television series will inspire you and give you hope and I invite you to tune in to PBS for the release of my new show, Opportunity Knock$. 

Key discussion points from this episode include:

Opportunity Knocks Is Here – 3:45 

The Premise Of The Show – 8:05

How To Watch – 14:06

The Resources Are Real – 17:01

Wait With Expectancy – 20:08

Celebrating My New Show on PBS Takeaways

“We connect our families with community resources.” – Patrice Washington  

“It wasn’t about the money, it was about the heart and the spirit of the people creating the show.” – Patrice Washington

“Representation is so important.” – Patrice Washington 

“If they can get help, help is available to you as well.” – Patrice Washington

“The resources are real.” – Patrice Washington

“I like to wait with expectancy.” – Patrice Washington

“There’s always someone watching you who has the power to bless you, but who are they watching you be.” – Patrice Washington

“We can be well and do well and have well when we’re committed to telling the truth.” – Patrice Washington  

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