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A Recap of Redefining Wealth LIVE ’23

Welcome back! Today I’m talking about how transformational growth and how each step in my life and business led me to bring my vision for Redefining Wealth Live, to life. Here’s a recap of Redefining Wealth Live, and a huge thank you to every person who attended, every volunteer, sponsor, and member of my team that brought this event together. 

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We are coming off the heels of our Inaugural Redefining Wealth Live 2023. A 3-day transformational event in Atlanta. Last week, we shared testimonials from some of the people who were in the room.  And now a few days later, I’m still in awe of being in a room full of purpose chasers from all over the world. We came together with this common theme and this common desire for true transformation. 

It is so hard to put into words the energy that was in the room. 

You know when people say, “It was a vibe?” 

Redefining Wealth Live 2023, was a vibe. 

Building Redefining Wealth Live 2023

Redefining Wealth Live was truly an answered prayer. I launched this podcast in 2017 and even then I knew that I wanted to bring people together. In the fall of 2019, I launched Redefining Wealth Live — as a live podcast event and it was beautiful but I could have never imagined what it would turn into this year. 

After our live event in 2019, we had to put the breaks on throughout COVID, and then in 2022, I was going through so much of my own transformation, that I simply didn’t have the capacity to host a 3-day live event in this way. 

But in October of 2022, I felt released. I went to dinner with a good girlfriend [Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon] and I remembered sharing with her that I really felt led to bring purpose chasers together. 

And so, Redefining Wealth Live was born. But that wasn’t the end of the transformational growth that I was going to see through the course of 2023. 

In January, I heard that still small voice again saying, “And now, no more Purpose to Platform. 

Again, this is what it means to chase purpose, not money. I always share that I feel very ‘spirit-led’ and that when my spirit says, “Go” or “Stop”, I want to be obedient to that. Even when I don’t understand. Even when it doesn’t seem logical. 

What I has learned is that you can shut down good things, to go for the God thing. 

Imagine planning a live event while also dismantling all of the things that you have used to build your business over the last 3-4 years, even though they were working. This is obedience. 

The layout from Redefining Wealth Live

Day One was our ‘Waking Phase’. 

We woke up to the things in our lives that are no longer serving us. We woke up from the ‘secure’ and ‘safe’ places that we’d created to protect ourselves. 

Now that you desire more authentic success, now that you want to be in alignment, those safe places aren’t working anymore. On day one, we had to come to those realizations and we had to pull ourselves out of those spaces and those mindsets.   

Day Two was our ‘Redefining Phase’. 

This was the day that we defined for ourselves. We stopped letting outside definitions determine what happiness, wealth, success, and love looked like for us. 

Day Three was our ‘Actualizing Phase’. 

We created a game plan for when we get back home. What are the steps that you need to take? It’s time to stop talking about it — and time to be about it. 

We practiced the scripts, we set boundaries and we role-played actually holding true to those boundaries. 

The Acknowledgements

It’s impossible to recap the beauty of Redefining Wealth Live, without stopping to thank and acknowledge every single person who brought this event to life for us. 

So thank you. To each and every one of you. To the people who bought the early, early bird tickets before we even had a venue… to the woman who bought her ticket from the Virgin Islands 3 days before the event began. To everyone who came from all over the world.  

The posture of the entire event was ‘Community’. I don’t want like-minded people. I’m looking for people who are like-hearted. And this community of people who came together for Redefining Wealth Live were those people. 

This was more than a safe space. This was an aligned space. It was a beautiful space to be in. And we can promise you that this is just the beginning. 

We’ve already chosen the theme for 2024. 

Next years theme is “Live Free”. 

Thank you to the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this event come together. There is no Patrice Washington without my team. 

And I would be remiss to not thank the sponsors. This year’s event was sponsored by Body (formerly Beach Body) and RYKA who gave 50 pairs of shoes to all of our VIP attendees and all of our volunteers. Thank you, thank you! They also sponsored a workout session with super trainer Lacey Green. 

Thank you to KINLÒ and all of the other beauty sponsors. Thank you to Haltere Group, who truly saw the vision of what we want to do at Redefining Wealth Live. 

Lastly, shout out to the virtual attendees. Thank you for tuning in. 

What’s Next for Redefining Wealth

Keep an eye on this space. We have finally launched our Redefining Wealth Affirmation Cards our first Redefining Wealth 90-Day Planner and Transformational Journal. These will all be online — they did sell out in person but we’re launching the store soon. 

And lastly, we launched the Institute for Redefining Wealth. This is all about going deeper and being able to navigate all of the personal things that are preventing you from being able to truly move forward with your professional pursuits. 

Remember, your business, your purpose, and your life will only grow to the extent that you’re willing to heal. 

We’re so excited that the Institute is now open. If you want more information, visit We’re not all likeminded, but we are like-hearted. 

Are you ready for Redefining Wealth Live 2024? Because we are! All we need is YOU. 


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