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7 Boundaries That Help Me Date Confidently

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Hey Purpose Chasers! Welcome to a special episode all about dating confidently! It’s the week of love, and what better time to dive deep into the world of relationships, boundaries, and self-discovery. After going through divorce, many of us find ourselves navigating the murky waters of dating once again, and let’s face it, it can be daunting. But fear not, because today, we’re breaking down some essential boundaries that can help you approach dating with confidence and clarity.

As we continue with our theme of “stop people-pleasing,” it’s crucial to redefine love as well. We’re talking about having enough respect and honor in every aspect of our lives, including the boardroom and the bedroom. And you know what? Setting boundaries is a key part of that journey, especially when it comes to dating. Boundaries aren’t about building walls; they’re about creating space for healthy and fulfilling relationships to thrive.

In this episode, we’re exploring seven essential boundaries that can empower you to navigate the dating scene with confidence. From establishing observation periods to prioritizing peace over appearances, each boundary serves as self-care and self-respect. I hope this episode helps you discover how setting boundaries and honoring your needs can lead to a fulfilling dating life, free from the pressures of people-pleasing and self-doubt.

Show Notes:

[3:56] – I trust myself to choose the best relationships for me.

[5:04] – One fear could be that you won’t see the signs. But you have seen the signs. You just didn’t trust yourself enough to acknowledge them.

[6:55] – Boundaries are a form of self care.

[10:54] – Boundary #1: Have an observation period.

[13:08] – Boundary #2: No introduction to my child until at least 90 days in.

[15:30] – Boundary #3: Have a list, but don’t share it.

[17:45] – Boundary #4: Don’t assign titles too quickly.

[21:21] – Boundary #5: Don’t romanticize. When people show you who they are, believe them.

[25:46] – Boundary #6: Intellectual boundaries.

[30:09] – Boundary #7: Choose peace over appearances.

[31:58] – Adhering to these boundaries and starting with governing decisions will free you to enjoy dating.

[33:17] – Detach from what people think about your list of boundaries.

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