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5 Beliefs That Gave Me My Voice Back

Welcome back to another episode of the Redefining Wealth. Today, I want to share a personal journey that completely transformed my life – the journey of reclaiming my voice. For years, I struggled with silencing my thoughts, feelings, and opinions to please others. But, no more! I discovered five powerful beliefs that have given me the strength and authenticity to express myself fully. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

Belief #1: Your Voice Is a Gift from God, Not a Situational Tool

One of the pivotal moments in my journey was realizing that my voice is not situational – it’s a gift from God. I had always felt discomfort expressing myself personally, perhaps due to past experiences where I felt like the “ugly one” or endured verbal abuse. But, once I embraced the belief that God wouldn’t give me a voice only to silence it, everything shifted.

I had honed my skills in using my voice professionally, but personally, I struggled. Throughout my marriage, there were countless instances where I silenced myself to avoid conflicts or dismissed my own feelings. This struggle isn’t unique to me; many high-achieving women face similar challenges. We may be successful in our careers, exuding confidence, but behind closed doors, we lose our voice. Childhood experiences often contribute to this struggle.

Belief #2: Embracing Radical Honesty in Personal Expression

Another belief that transformed my life was the recognition that I needed to embrace radical honesty in personal expression. I realized that even though I was skilled at using my voice professionally, I struggled to find that same strength in personal relationships. It was time to break the cycle.

I stopped rationalizing and normalizing behaviors that didn’t serve me. Instead, I challenged myself to be true to my feelings, even when it felt uncomfortable or vulnerable. I couldn’t continue silencing my voice out of fear of conflicts, silent treatments, or stonewalling. It was time to stop compromising my truth.

Belief #3: Authenticity Over Approval – Even from Loved Ones

A pivotal moment came during my 40th birthday when I realized I was still silencing my voice personally. I had been holding back, especially when it came to sharing my childhood experiences. I was afraid of disapproval, particularly from my mother, but I couldn’t let that fear hold me back any longer.

While some people may perceive my words as an attack on my parents, I can’t stop speaking my truth. It’s essential to embrace authenticity over approval, even if it means going against the consensus or validation of a group. Trying to please everyone dilutes our voice and diminishes the impact of what we have to say.

Belief #4: Unapologetically Using My Voice in All Aspects of Life

One lesson I’ve learned is the importance of using my voice unapologetically. It may alienate some people, and that’s okay. Trying to please everyone with our language often leads to diluting the message. As I found my voice, I realized that my purpose is not to be the ultimate source of guidance for everyone. I’m here to serve and support those on their journey to financial wellness.

Belief #5: Words Shape Our Reality – Choose Them Wisely

Our voice goes beyond how we express ourselves to others; it’s also about the words we speak to ourselves. I’ve discovered the incredible power words hold in shaping our reality. When we pray from a place of struggle and scarcity, we reinforce those negative aspects in our lives. Instead, I encourage you to be conscious of the words you use when praying out loud.

Wealth affirmations have been a profound part of my personal journey. By choosing empowering stories and beliefs over disempowering ones, we can transform our lives. Speak words that amplify abundance, success, and joy into your life. Remember, what we say has the power to shape our reality.

Reclaiming my voice has been a transformative journey. I’ve shed the fear of disapproval and embraced radical honesty and authenticity. It hasn’t always been easy, but in finding my voice, I’ve broken chains and given permission to others to do the same.

Remember, you don’t need a million people to make a million dollars. Your voice will resonate with the people you are meant to serve. Speak your truth unapologetically, even if it means alienating a few. The impact you’ll create is far more important than seeking validation from everyone.

So, let’s reclaim our voices together. Embrace the beliefs that empower you and express yourself authentically. Because when we speak our truth, we break chains, inspire others, and create a life of purpose and abundance.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. If you want to learn more about redefining wealth and exploring your personal journey, visit the Redefining Wealth Institute for resources, training modules, and support. Stay tuned for more empowering content, and until then, keep using your voice to redefine your life.


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