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4 Simple Ways I Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is my superpower! In this podcast episode, we’re diving into a topic we can all relate to – self-care and self-love. It’s not a one-size-fits-all deal; it’s personal.

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So, in this episode, I’m sharing what works for me, how I structure my life using the six pillars, and why you should never brush off those self-care rituals as something trivial.

We’re all about preventing burnout and becoming the best version of ourselves, mentally and physically. This episode is like a self-care handbook, breaking down mindfulness and sharing practical tips you can actually use. Plus, it is a Month of Mindfulness on the Redefining Wealth app – join us for a ton of cool ideas and discussions about self-care practices and routines that might be the right fit for you, too. From creating an energizing space to embracing an anti-to-do list, we’re all about those simple everyday shifts that can seriously change your life. So, kick back, take a listen, and let’s chat about normalizing self-care practices – because you deserve it!

Show Notes:

[1:18] – Wealth is about well-being.

[3:05] – Mindfulness is my superpower.

[5:11] – Self care includes a wide range of different practices.

[7:08] – Therapy and physical activity routines are acts of self care in the FIT Pillar.

[9:32] – We are social beings. Make time for connection and joy.

[11:13] – Create a space that energizes you and feels good.

[15:09] – Journaling and reflection are incredibly impactful.

[17:59] – High Achiever doesn’t mean you have to be an Overachiever.

[21:01] – Consider making an anti-to-do list.

[23:44] – In the MONEY Pillar, creating a spending plan or budget is an act of self care.

[25:50] – You have the right to take intentional action that promotes your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

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