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3 Signs Your People Pleasing is Leading to Burnout and How to Shift with Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson

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Purpose Chasers, this is an episode that you do not want to miss. This is one that I just know will move you to action and transformation. I’m thrilled to introduce our incredible podcast guest for today, Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson, a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for transformation especially in the world of burnout.

In our captivating conversation, Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson explores the intersections between people-pleasing and burnout. Dr. PBJ, as she’s affectionately known, brings her wealth of wisdom and her own experiences to the forefront, where we can see the path that led her to extreme burnout and what she was able to do to care for herself and literally transform her life.

With her latest (and fantastic) book, Disrupting Burnout: The Professional Woman’s Lifeline to Finding Purpose, Dr. PBJ embarks on a mission to disrupt the cycle of burnout and empower women to work from their heart. Her book goes into great detail, but we get a little insight into the stages of burnout and how you can determine where you are in this cycle.

Join us as we uncover the telltale signs that your people-pleasing tendencies may be leading you down the path of burnout.


Show Notes:

[3:45] – Reject burnout as your birthright or assignment.

[5:40] – Dr. PBJ had felt called in her spirit to write her new book Disrupting Burnout: The Professional Woman’s Lifeline to Finding Purpose.

[8:28] – After going through Purpose to Platform and Command the Stage, she started to see herself outside of the box she was put in.

[11:88] – Your brilliance is your superpower and your kryptonite. It can be bondage if you don’t have boundaries around it.

[13:58] – She used to live a life to fit in a box created by others.

[15:05] – Instead of recognizing our brilliance, we are constantly chasing the standards of someone else.

[17:07] – Patrice’s energy has a different flow once she released her belief that someone else’s information was more valuable than her own intuition.

[24:45] – Dr. PBJ worked in education for 20 years and climbed the ladder. But it almost crushed her because she hadn’t done the soul work.

[27:51] – She describes the burnout she experienced that led her to crumbling.

[29:52] – This is so common for high-achieving women in particular. The cycle of burnout is a real problem.

[34:12] – Dr. PBJ explains each stage of burnout, starting with Survival.

[36:17] – You cannot hide burnout.

[38:11] – Take inventory and determine where you are in this cycle.

[39:42] – Burnout might be all we know.

[45:01] – With all that she has achieved, Dr. PBJ hadn’t been aware that this type of community existed.

[50:37] – Grab a copy of Disrupting Burnout for all the signs and symptoms of overwhelm and burnout.

[52:18] – Dr. PBJ shares how you can connect with her through a current tour.


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