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Spiritual Malnutrition: Are You Choosing to Starve?

What are you feeding your spirit? Seriously, what are we putting into our bodies that’s positioning us to actually get what we say we want? The Holy Spirit placed so many lessons on my heart as I was locked away in a hotel room, snacking and working on my next book. It was like a blaring alarm went off, and at that moment, I realized I wasn’t just snacking physically. I was snacking spiritually, too.

You see, I’d do some drive-by faith by getting in a devotional here or there. Vibe to some gospel music at the gym or drop a “preach, sis, preach” on a faith-based meme on social media, all the while convincing myself it was enough. But the truth is, I was snacking. And if snacking alone is not enough to nourish our bodies, how is it ever enough to feed our spirits? It’s not.

I want you to know spiritual malnutrition is a serious condition that will leave you ready to pop off over insignificant things and incapable of living in the fullness of what you’re asking for, among other things. That’s why we must choose to make time to nourish our spirits on a daily basis.

Now, have you ever thought to yourself, “I just need more hours in the day?” I know I have, so when I meet women with full lives and full plates who seem to do SO MUCH with joy, peace, style, grace and ease, I’m always quick to ask them the secret.

When I met, Tina Black, a Paul Mitchell school owner, salon owner, author, podcaster, wife and mother how she does it all, she reminded me, “It’s not about time management, it’s about priority management.”

Tina doesn’t believe in letting life just happen, she believes in planning. She created BE A PLANNER to help us all get ready for our best decade ever!

Be a Planner teaches you how to plan your quarter, month, week and day down to a tee. It helps you think through what you should be doing versus what you should be delegating.

Success Leaves Clues, Purpose Chasers, and for just $30 for a year-long planner, I’m willing to see how much of what has helped Tina create her amazing success can be applied to my life for sure.

To pick up your copy of “Be A Planner,” head to And let’s plan our way into a purposeful 2020 and beyond.

Nourishing your spirit surely deserves a bullet on your daily to-do list just as much as the other things in your life, so plan it into your day.

Spiritual Takeaways

  • You can’t outwork a bad spiritual diet.
  • There’s no need in wishing, hoping and praying for things you’re not spiritually strong enough to accept, embrace, hold, maintain and sustain.
  • Faith is about believing in something greater, so if you say you believe in something, then you must make time to practice it.
  • Don’t get so far it this wealth-building, business-building, brand-building and people-pleasing that now you think you can snack your way to spiritual victory.
  • Spirituality is not a one-size-fits-forever thing. What you feed your spirit today may not be enough to nourish the vision that God has for you tomorrow.

Let us know your biggest takeaway from this episode in the comments section. What changes are you willing to make to your spiritual diet?


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