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REWIND: Reflecting on the Foundation of Redefining Wealth (Part 1)

We celebrated our 100th episode a couple of weeks ago, and I thought now would be the perfect time to re-introduce the six pillars of Redefining Wealth. So, we’re doing a rewind to refresh your memory of what I mean when I say “redefining wealth.” Also, if ’you’re new here, Welcome! This episode will help you gain an in-depth understanding of what you can expect from the Redefining Wealth community.

Before we dive in, I have a question for you:

Did you know the original definition of wealth had nothing to do with money?

Wealth, in its true origins, focused on an individual’s well-being, meaning it was about overall life happiness and fulfillment.

And when I created Redefining Wealth, I did so in the spirit of the original meaning of “wealth”:

“Wealth in our eyes is not about money and material possessions. It’s about well-being.”

In the Redefining Wealth community, we seek to find well-being and fulfillment in many areas of our lives. Now, we recognize that if we don’t get clarity around those areas then sadly, we will always have challenges with money.

In today’s episode, we’re going to cover the pillars that relate to well-being – the fit, space and faith pillars. And then next week, we’ll look at the wealth-building pillars.

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Fit Pillar

[spp-tweet tweet=”“Your health is your wealth.””] 

I know, I know, when you hear “fit” you might immediately think of the “gym.” But the fit pillar is SO much more than that – it’s working out on a whole new level.

Think about it like this, if you’re an entrepreneur or you work a 9-5, you’re earning money every day. Are you earning money so you can simply spend it on prescriptions that you can’t pronounce? Or, are you earning money so you can spend it on health issues that are threatening your life? NO!

You see, each of us is called into this world to do something special with our lives. And in order to do that, we need a body that is capable of executing our vision and purpose in life. If we don’t protect our body how we should, we weaken our ability to fulfill our vision, at least in its full capacity.

Are you thinking about your life? Not just in terms of the goals you want to accomplish, but in a way that forces you to reflect on whether you’re physically capable of seeing this thing to the end? And when you hit your goals and see your visions come to fruition, are you able to walk in it, live in it, enjoy it? Or are you going to be in a hospital somewhere?

[spp-tweet tweet=”“We all have a vision. The problem is, we’re not preparing our body – physically or mentally – to see that vision all the way through.””] 

Space Pillar

You’ve heard that time is money, right? It’s true and the Space Pillar is all about setting up a life that supports maximizing your time.

Think of it this way, how many people do you know who operate from a space or environment that is cluttered and messy. There’s so many and what they don’t realize is that by living in that clutter, they end up wasting time and therefore lose out on money because of the lack of clarity their space produces.

According to Newsweek, the average American wastes 55 minutes a day looking for things they own but can’t find. “55 minutes a day.” That’s 12 days a year. I bet you could do a lot in those 12 days if you had them back. Take a vacation. Read a few books. Lie on a beach and forget your troubles. Or, pamper yourself till you think you’ve hit heaven.

Forbes, too, says the typical executive wastes 150 hours searching for lost information. That’s almost an entire month lost when they could have spent those hours making money or going to the gym or taking cooking classes.

[spp-tweet tweet=”“Clutter is the physical manifestation of confusion in the mind.” “]

For me, every time I swim in confusion, I take a step back and examine the physical area around me. I ask, “where is the clutter?” I do this because I know my wealth correlates with my ability to clear confusion from my life. What this means is, if YOU want the freedom to create, think and manifest what you want out of life, you must first clear away the clutter.

Faith Pillar

I would not be America’s Money Maven. I would not be a bestselling author. I would not be a media personality. I would not be sitting here in my home studio completely restored from where I was in 2009 – if it were not for my faith.

The whole lesson behind the faith pillar is about believing in something greater than the world around you. It’s about realizing there’s something bigger at work and that in general, things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.

In fact, when I think about my life, all the greatest lessons I’ve learned have come from some type of challenge or failure. It’s like Winston Churchill says, “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

And for me, my faith is my enthusiasm. It’s the belief that there is something greater. That there is a bigger purpose at work and that nothing is ever happening to me, but it’s happening for me.

[spp-tweet tweet=”“Life is only 20% of what happens to us and 80% of how we choose to respond to what happens.” “]

My faith is the primary reason I don’t chase money. Instead, I chase purpose. When you’re not in alignment with something greater – with faith – it can be tough to see a life that doesn’t require chasing money. I know because you feel like everything will be better when you have money, and then it’s not. What you need is purpose.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rewind of the Fit, Space + Faith pillars. Here’s three favorite episodes from each pillar, so that you don’t have to dig and dig to find more:

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And if you’re specifically struggling with a pillar and need additional support, go to and choose a pillar in the dropdown.


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