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Marshawn Evans Daniels: It’s Time to Believe Bigger

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Being successful can become an addiction.

If you’re not careful, you can spend your life striving to get the title, the money, the esteem or whatever you’re striving to check off your list, but achieving any of those things doesn’t necessarily equate to living in your purpose.

For many, discovering their purpose isn’t easy, though. It takes a lot of work, and the truth is it can feel like one of your greatest challenges. Especially because no one can “help you” find your purpose, they can only help you become aware of it.

You also can’t find your purpose intellectually. You can’t lock yourself in a room and think about your life, your experiences, and go “Oh, yeah. Here’s what I’m going to do to change the world.”

That’s never worked for anyone, ever, and it certainly isn’t enough to work for you.

To find your purpose you have to get out in the world. You have to get into the trenches, surround yourself with people and see how you impact their lives.

On this episode of Redefining Wealth, we are joined by the best person to help you become aware of your purpose: Marshawn Evans Daniels. Marshawn is a Reinvention Strategist, Millionaire Business Owner, Mentor, Best-Selling Author, TV Personality, Wife and Faith-Walker.

Download this episode today to hear her inspirational story and what it takes to find your purpose in this world.

[bctt tweet=”“Purpose is more about personality then it is profession.” – @marshawnevans” username=”seekwisdompcw”]

The Cliff Notes:

There are two drivers: pleasure or pain.
God did not design you to succeed. He designed you to be capable of winning.
How are you naturally designed to impact, influence, and make the lives of other people better?
Purpose is not an intellectual exercise.
Your purpose is more about your personality than your profession.
You can be whatever you think you can if you first think you can.
Our gifts are great clues into who we should become.
We don’t take the time to work on ourselves.
Our lives are a message and designed to teach.
Bigger decisions take you into a bigger life.
People wrestle with God over the steering wheel.
You don’t figure it out intellectually.
When you believe bigger, the answer will be clearer.
We are taught to be risk managers, not how to be bold.

[bctt tweet=”“Purpose is not an intellectual exercise, and it is not a checklist.” – @marshawnevans” username=”seekwisdompcw”]


Believe Bigger: Discover the Path to Your Life Purpose

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